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by thefekete (#36934234) Attached to: Seigniorage Hack Could Resolve Debt Limit Crisis
If you think the people writing and signing these laws have any idea what their doing, you haven't thought this through at all. The public sector produces nothing. They leech off the private sector and waste money like there's no tomorrow. Add in baseline budgeting and they're guaranteeing there'll be no tomorrow. Yes, the government's finances are a bit more unwieldy than personal finances, however all the same concepts apply to both. In fact it's the thought that they are distinct that has put us in this situation. Murdoch5 is right on the money. Cut spending. Do it now, and do it often.

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by thefekete (#27563381) Attached to: Best Easter Eggs and Other Software Surprises
Actually, the founders did you one better: 13 individual states that could collaborate on important issues (war, etc), but have the liberty to govern themselves as they saw fit. Unfortunately around the times of Teddy and Franklin Roosevelt, the federal government decided that it knew better than the states. Now were all stuck in one shitty situation without the ability to vote with our feet.

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by thefekete (#26977155) Attached to: $100 Linux Wall-Wart Now Available
You were close, but not quite there... The really awesome feature that's missing is EoP. That way you just get a power strip, or hell just put one in every room of your house and you have an instant networked "decade-old" server farm. Anyways, you could then have the servers communicate through the powerlines and use the gigabit port to access the server network. Or something, I don't know.

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