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Comment what does psystar hope to do? (Score -1) 648

Look, let's say Psystar found a loophole and got away with it, and could now sell computers with MacOS x. Apple will make sure to fix that loophole before the next release, and people with Psystar clones will be super pissed they can't get the next version. I'm also sure Steve has his engineers looking for a signature unique to the fake macs, and put out an update (ala windows genuine advantage) asap that'll prevent people running those computers from getting updates, or even worse, being able to use their computer. I'm sure they'd succeed too because of Apple's extremely limited selection of hardware's unlikely they'd run into the WGA mishaps Microsoft did. It would seem pretty stupid for anybody to buy a psystar computer when the company making the operating system is determined to make sure the OS doesn't run on those computers.

Comment my favs (Score -1) 517

There are many books out there, but the ones that I found most exceptional and clear in computer science were:
Introduction to the Theory of Computation - Michael Sipser: I never really understood this subject (with 3 classes and 3 other books on it) until I read this book. He did a great job clarifying the math and getting to the core of computability, complexity, and automata.
Introduction to Algorithms (aka CLR): great reference book...I still use it as a working software developer
Programming Languages Concepts and Constructs - Ravi Sethi: very clear and gentle introduction to theory of programming languages
Computer Organization and Design - Patterson & Hennessy: i hate hardware, but this book made computer architecture really clear, their grad level book is also pretty good
Design Patterns (aka the Gang of Four book): the bible for object-oriented people...if you haven't read this book, you don't know jack about OO
OpenGL SuperBible - Wright: huge, but extremely clear, especially in comparison to the standard opengl book

Comment Re:Degrees are overrated... Skills are important! (Score -1) 336

well said! you can only get so far in practical applications of computer science & engineering w/o the theoretical knowledge behind it. my experience is the people who do not have the degrees tend to have a very limited understanding, and can only do the basic mundane things, while the people with degrees are able to quickly adapt to new challenges and are the ones who get to work on the state-of-the-art.

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