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Comment Re:"Open == Secure"? (Score 1) 214

My point is that those arguments are irrelevant.

Closed source software is written by people that are BOTH not paid to do it and paid to do it. Open source software is written by people that are BOTH not paid to do it and paid to do it. You make incorrect assumptions and irrelevant points in your arguments to illustrate that somebody else's arguments are irrelevant.

Closed source can only be audited by people whom are granted the permission to view the code by the copyright holder (small pool of auditors). Open source software can be audited by anyone (larger pool of potential auditors). When it concerns public safety, copyright holders have an interest in protecting access to flaws which would tarnish their reputation so they control auditor access. However, the public has an interest in auditing software which renders products/service unsafe to use, so the power of the community is employed to audit and improve open source software in ways which make it safer. Clearly, when it concerns matters of public safety, open source software is more likely to be audited.

Comment Endian Firewall (Score 1) 1

We achieved exactly what you're trying to accomplish with virtualized Endian Firewalls. The product runs on CentOS, so you'll be familiar with the underlying OS, and it provides out of the box site to site VPN connections using OpenVPN. It supports both routed and bridged modes. In your case site A would act as the VPN server, and site B would act as the VPN client.

Comment Drops? (Score 5, Insightful) 117

He dropped them from his to do list?

He was carrying them around and dropped them?

Slang for "He published them" ?

He dropped them from his research list?

He dropped the vulnerabilities from his own systems?

Apparently "Slashdot" means to "Slash" the English language with slang. Can we please "DROP" the amateur reporting styles?

Comment Re:Unlikely to matter at all (Score 1) 233

It won't matter at all because the verbiage is a metaphor, and like all metaphors they require interpretation. The anonymous user could easily argue that Hadley took his metaphorical comment out of context.

"Hadley is a Sandusky waiting to be exposed. Check out the view he has of Empire from his front door."

Sandusky Ohio is a city with one of the largest collections of roller coasters in the world. Clearly the anonymous comment was trying to convey (metaphorically) that Hadley is on a wild roller coaster ride who views everything he sees from his front door as his empire.

All that we really know is that Hadley is extremely sensitive to free speech, and he is willing to throw excessive amounts of money at a problem that doesn't really exist. Sounds like he's going to be a great role model for other politicians as the chairman of the board of Stephenson County, Illinois.

Comment Re:Did you mean... (Score 5, Informative) 424

Did you mean... "are there any humans left that know how to RTFM?" Google provides instructions on advanced use cases such as these.

Advanced Search Form:

Advanced operators to filter and fine tune results:

Comment Search Operators and Advanced Search (Score 1) 424

Google has enabled search operators

There is also an advanced search form available.

Using these features combined, I don't have any issues finding anything I need in Google's database.

Comment Dell Precision T7500 (Score 1) 558

I'm running a mostly stock but partially custom Dell Precision T7500. The main purpose was gaming (Battlefield 4) but I also need it for graphics and development. Two quad core Xeon processors at 3.73 GHz (8 cores) Stock motherboard with Intel 5520 chipset 24 GB ECC Fully Buffered 1333 MHZ DDR3 nVidia GTX 690s with surround view enabled Eight OCZ 60GB SSD Drives in RAID0 (480GB array) with dedicated 512MB DDR3 I/O buffer Stock 1100W PSU Three Dell Ultrasharp 24 inch monitors (surround view) Windows 7 Enterprise x64 Dell UPS 1920W battery backup

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