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Comment: The hilarious part (Score 3, Interesting) 498

by thebroken (#26673041) Attached to: Judge Rules WoW Bot Violates DMCA
The hilarious part is that this will do nothing for the hardcore botters and gold farming/char leveling firms. The WoW hacking community is quite large, and detailed information is available freely on the internet about many of its mechanisms. This has led to the creation of countless private bots that are not released for mass consumption like Glider, and hardcore firms usually end up using such bots (which, by the way, run below the radar of Blizz counter-measures like Warden). Go Google it yourself. Creating such a bot is not difficult for a good programmer.They are often not nearly as sophisticated as Glider, but they don't need to be since they're customized from the ground up for the firms on demands (and lack a lot of options that Glider has, but again this doesn't matter as these private bots aren't released for the masses). So a small victory for Blizzard in the end imo. This won't change any of WoW's messed up economy on some servers, nor will it even remotely make a dent in the farming/power-leveling community.

Comment: SC2 != WC3 (Score 1) 550

by thebroken (#19193391) Attached to: Blizzard Announces StarCraft 2
To all those people who are yelling "LOL I DONT WANT WC3 GAMEPLAY" Look at the fucking videos for christ sake. It's a fast paced RTS just like SC used to be. How the fuck is that remotely close to WC3? Even WITH heroes it's nothing close. Have you guys even played WC3? Battles last a long time with your units having 600-800+ HP. SC2 does not look to have that sort of battle mechanics at all. Also to the idiot who wants a RTS/X-Wing/Bridge commander game all in one: Shut the fuck up. Such thing would offend SC Battlenet fans to such degree that they'd probably Zerg Rush Blizzards HQ and have their heads on a spike.

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