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The Steady Decline of Unix 570

Posted by samzenpus
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stinkymountain writes "Unix, the core server operating system in enterprise networks for decades, now finds itself in a slow, inexorable decline, according to Network World. Jean Bozman, research vice president at IDC Enterprise Server Group, attributes the decline to platform migration issues; competition from Linux and Microsoft; more efficient hardware with more powerful processor cores; and the abundance of Unix-specific apps that can now also run on competitor's servers."

+ - Mt. Gox halts USD withdrawals-> 1

Submitted by hypnosec
hypnosec (2231454) writes "World’s largest Bitcoin exchange, Mt. Gox, has halted US dollar withdrawals of customer funds in the US citing reasons of system improvement. According to Mt. Gox the exchange has experienced a huge number of requests for deposits as well as withdrawals from both established markets as well as new markets following which its bank hasn’t been able to process transactions on time in a smooth manner which has led to difficulties for its overseas clients especially those in the US. The exchange reassured that the deposits in USD, transfers to Mt. Gox, deposits and withdrawals in other currencies will remain unaffected during this period. Mt. Gox will be resuming the USD withdrawals for its US clients once the improvement of its systems is complete."
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+ - SPAM: Boarding school learning disabilities

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Gary Schneider
Gary Schneider writes "For students with learning disabilities, the current public school system cannot provide the individualized attention they need to understand the concepts that their peers have more success with in the classroom. The situation is more dire for male students who both have higher rates of learning disabilities as well as lower overall rates of academic achievement in the public school system. While specialty programs designed for students with learning disabilities exist in some school districts, an even better option would be to enroll your son in a private boys school."
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+ - SPAM: Electricity Bill

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An anonymous reader writes "Electricity Bill is a way to represent your total estimated power usage through household appliances. Per unit increase that have occurred in Power supply at certain States are going to get discussed here. To capture latest hicks and change in unit ratio one can able to go through the entire content. Efficient and quality power supply is the key to inclusive socio economical development. With increase in population, a well defined policies and rules are laid down for the improvement of electricity power in State.
If you are thinking to adopt certain measures to reduce you electricity bill in coming months then you need to identify the sources of its generation. Like most of the average bills are attributed through the usage of Air conditioner and heating systems. The wide range of usage at home is done over fans, bulbs and tube light etc. Hence proper utilization methods will help to consume more power which will result into cost effective solutions. One of the easiest ways to reduce electricity use in home is to use florescent lights rather than incandescent lights. Although they are quite expensive then incandescent light but provide 8 times better consumption and utilise less power. This small change will save you 50% on your annual electricity bills.
Scenarios have been changing quite frequently over the electricity cost and utilization. People of Delhi are already disturbed with high inflation and petroleum rates, another issue which has made them to think was due to fourth time increase in Electricity price. The average hike was took over on commercial people is 20.47 percent including the surcharges. The electricity regulatory commission has given their rates over the new power supply include-
Customers will be charged Rs.3.70 per unit for 200 units instead of Rs.3.
Customers will be charged Rs.4.80 per unit for 400 unit monthly instead
Customers those who consume a power supply above 400 units will be charged Rs. 5.70 respectively.
In the State of Maharashtra the electricity supply is offered by four disciplines like Tata Power, Reliance, MSES and BSET. Charges of Tata Power differ for residential and industrial areas and they do not provide power supply to those who use less than 1MW per day. As a comparison the least rates offered to the customers over 100-300 and above 300 units are by Reliance and BEST. Besides this, a fixed price is applicable to all customers that vary with Rs.3 to Rs.150 per month based upon the category of customers."

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Comment: Re:Apple and their lawyers were lucky (Score 5, Informative) 217

by thebjorn (#41942703) Attached to: UK Court Sanctions Apple For Non-Compliance
According to the judge, what they added was false, misleading, and did not convey the intent of the order -- and he analyzes each added statement in depth. In addition they used too much time to comply when it came to newspapers, where the judge expected "earliest possible time" to mean the next couple of days and not a month. As a punishment they now have to pay _all_ of Samsung's legal expenses (i.e. not only legal fees), they have to keep the notice up for much longer, and they have to put on their home page that they lied in their previous attempt. You don't have to agree with a judge's order, but you do have to follow it. Judges tend to get pissed off if you try to worm yourself around an order -- not something that should be news for Apple's capable legal team.

Comment: Re:No problem (Score 1) 369

by thebjorn (#40280181) Attached to: An HTTP Status Code For Censorship?

As far as I know, there is nowhere left in the world that is as free as the United States [...]

I think I'm far more free in Australia than you are in the United States, and Norway has us both beaten. But perhaps we both have an unrealistic idea of what "free" means.

Norway is great in many (most?) ways, but I do believe the US has us beat when it comes to real and/or legislative freedoms... I've lived in the US for 15+ years but only visited Australia, so perhaps you had something specific in mind? .. or perhaps I have an unrealistic idea of what "free" means ?-)

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