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dude, you're missing the point of pro-labor laws. Higher wages shouldn't make things cost more, they should make anyone not directly providing the work have less profit. Of course, under a pro-capitalist economic system, this isn't what happens.

A person may be free to not have a job with a low wage, but really that can become a life-or-death choice, and thus really isn't a choice.

"Free markets" only provide freedom to the people who control the means of production, not freedom for the people who actually provide the labor of production.

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see, I think that if you take the exact example given then you'd be correct: such an exercise might not work. (really really might not work).

but the premise given is probably fairly accurate:
real life situations that require a small group to work in concert to solve a problem will likely make them closer than a soft-situation that's been engineered to make them co-operate with results that are generally meaningless.

example: who are your closest friends? Myself -> I feel more close to the people who've been around through some fairly hairy times (and not just because I usually grow out a beard in those periods). Ya dig?


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thebigbadme (194140) writes "Zubbles, the wonderful colored bubbles previously discussed here and here, are finally available for pre-order over here, at I received an e-mail about this just before noon EDT, having given up hope a while ago that these would see the light-of-public-day. They are currently available in two colors: Presto Pink and Blazing Blue. The site claims they should be shipping two weeks after the order is placed.

I don't know about anyone else, but I'm really excited that these things are actually being sold to the public after all this time."

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Money isn't the problem.

Money is an amplifier.

As psychedelics to a personality, so to is money to one's ability to act upon the things around them.

You're right that people aren't fair. At least not all of them. My older brother, who has provided quite a support base for me over the last 8 months is not fair. He favored myself and my younger brother, helped us with gainful employment while subsidizing our living needs. This was not to the detriment of anyone else, at-least not specifically, but was not fair.

Then again, the devil will demand what is his... My brother, again for example, uses his money as clout to try to push people around, myself included.
This doesn't work as well against me as it does most people that he interacts with, but that is because I don't have any more economic needs: I am, as of last month, debt free.
But it isn't the money that made my older brother into a manipulative dick, yes even though he helped me a great deal and I love him, he is still a dick, it's his personality to be this way.

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Yes, they have got some good spin; however, they cannot, or at least in my opinion should not, be allowed to argue that selling the phones and selling the censorware are one in the same. A distinction must be made whereby the communications tech. is cheered, but the choice to sell the software to the government is boo-ed.

Set everything up, yes, and if the government of Iran wants to work out their own way, in house, to do what they want to censor and monitor people, fine.
But Nokia could have simply said, here's this great communications technology, sorry but we don't have anything at all that could possibly be used to prevent it from being used in ways that you don't want it to, we just don't have it.

I hope they try to defend themselves, and cut themselves on the swords they've been swallowing with their tricks of showmanship.

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