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Comment: Re:My god. (Score 1) 806

by thebheffect (#30463604) Attached to: Student Banned From Minnesota Campus Over Facebook Comments

You're blurring what she said. Using your analogy, she would have said that she was going to 'shoot a certain someone with a gun', and that she was 'looking forward to shooting lessons'.

Your analogy leaves out the threat. Talking about shooting guns, and talking about shooting people with guns are two different things. One is a threat, and one is not.

Comment: Re:My god. (Score 2, Insightful) 806

by thebheffect (#30462998) Attached to: Student Banned From Minnesota Campus Over Facebook Comments

Saying that you're going to stab someone in the throat with an embalming instrument sounds like a 'I'm going to kill you' threat to me.

She wrote a threat in a public forum, directly relating violence to her classroom. There are no First Amendment violations here, there is no lurking Big Brother.

Comment: Re:Tax (Score 1) 619

by thebheffect (#30173544) Attached to: Response To California's Large-Screen TV Regulation

I think nothing could be better for the people of the United States. Tell the failing State of California, which soaks up our tax dollars, kills our young gangs, and embroils us in endless instantiations of American (Californian?) Idol to get lost. The United States would save hundreds of billions a year not wasting tax money in the State of California, which we could turn around and use on our own infrastructure. We have the largest economy in the world, and we don't need the failing State of California hanging around our neck.

Comment: Re:No. really! (Score 1) 194

by thebheffect (#29822359) Attached to: The LHC, the Higgs Boson, and the Chicago Cubs

And tell me one more time how I'm supposed to believe the Scientists *instead* of the Bible, because the scientist have a better track record again? Weren't they just last week talking about how dark matter estimations were off by like 4x?

Well seeing how I must have skipped over the part of the Bible that dealt with the Higgs Boson and dark matter (kind of like how Christians skipped over some parts of Leviticus), I would assume that believing both scientists and the Bible is a possibility in some areas.

Now if you want to argue about carbon dating versus God's sporadic testing of faith (I think I've failed), I can see where you might have to choose one side or the other.

Comment: Re:Most food we eat is genetically modified (Score 1) 427

by thebheffect (#29518733) Attached to: Judge Rejects Approval of Engineered Sugar Beets

I won't concede the statement that 'the vast majority of Christians are for GM foods', but since neither of us is likely to have data supporting either of our positions, it's a waste of time to argue.

I am willing to concede that there are differing viewpoints throughout the various denominations however. Being an agnostic in the middle of the Bible Belt offers firsthand evidence at how some Christian viewpoints, even viewpoints from a minority, permeate the barriers of secular institutions, and allow stereotypes to thrive.

Comment: Re:Doomsday Machine (Score 1) 638

by thebheffect (#29508609) Attached to: Soviets Built a Doomsday Machine; It's Still Alive

If you're talking about racial demographics of the US Army, there you go. 61% of enlisted personnel are white. I'd have to assume the percentage of casualties remains in the vicinity.

Of course, you could be referring the targets of the US military, in which case I'd make the argument that any cross-culture military conflict could be misconstrued as a race war.

... though his invention worked superbly -- his theory was a crock of sewage from beginning to end. -- Vernor Vinge, "The Peace War"