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Comment: Prequels seem to have missed the point (Score 1) 457

by singularity (#46945413) Attached to: Favorite Star Wars Movie?

[Note: Written as someone who really liked the original series, but merely watched the prequels.]

So you can largely look at the prequels (Episodes 1-3) as "The Downfall of Anikan". Going into the movies you knew the outcome (Anikan was going to be a Jedi, only to be turned to the dark side). They had three movies to show this.

The problem? The real turn seems to happen somewhere between the end of episode 2 and the beginning of episode 3, and it really is not that believable. So you have three movies to show me the downfall of a man, and you choose to largely have that turn happen in the time between two movies?

Comment: Clearly not the future... (Score 1) 276

From page 212:

Credit Cards With Intelligence? The Battelle Memorial Institute is studying the feasibility of a credit card with a built-in micro-processor. Such a card has already been developed in Europe, and will soon be tested. It is expected that intelligent credit cards will provide added security without requiring large computer networks.

Everyone who shopped at Target last fall saw how well that was implemented here in the U.S.

Comment: Re:Odd (Score 1) 335

by alcmena (#46330147) Attached to: Why Nissan Is Talking To Tesla Model S Owners
Mine says it has an 85 mile range on a full charge. However, I make it a point to reset the trip meter every time I charge it. One mile driven != one mile off of the distance countdown. That's probably the most annoying part of the car. I typically charge to 80%. I start with 75 miles. I drive 30 miles. And I end with 35 miles. It's the same commute day after day, and pretty much the same result. I've learned to expect it and pretty much ignore the "miles remaining".

Comment: Re:Odd (Score 1) 335

by alcmena (#46330079) Attached to: Why Nissan Is Talking To Tesla Model S Owners
I have a 2012 model and I tend to be closer to the 50-60 range, and my commute is typically 45-55mph on back roads. I live in FL so cold isn't an issue. Granted, I keep the charge at 80% to help the battery last longer, but even with a full charge, I think 80 miles is a fairy tail. The last time I took it to the airport (about 65 mile round trip, mostly freeway @ 65mph), it started with a full charge and made it home with 2 miles remaining on the indicator.

I don't say this to complain about the car. I actually love it. I've been to a gas station about 5 times over the last year. My average commute during my work day is 20-30 miles (depending on where I go for lunch), and a busy day tends to max out at 50 miles. I just recognize the limitations. My second car is a Prius and that's what we use for long hauls.

Comment: Re:Hmm (Score 5, Informative) 214

by singularity (#45352283) Attached to: What Apple Does and Doesn't Know About You

Where is the '-1, Factually Incorrect' mod when you need it?

1) Yes, all Apple devices now prompt for an AppleID when you first turn them on. There is a 'Skip' button that you apparently completely missed, though. It is not a hidden button.

2) Apparently you were unable to do a simple Google search to figure out how to create an iTunes Store account without a credit card. Apple has posted directions.

Or does reality not fit with the bad image you want to have of Apple?

Comment: Want readers? Specialize. (Score 1) 106

by singularity (#44403341) Attached to: News Worth Buying On Paper

Nothing annoys me more than trying to find news about something local and finding that the online local news source has covered their front page with (inter-)national news.

If your small-town newspaper has a website, remember that it is competing with,,, and everything else. Chances are you not going to do better international news than the "big boys". You are going to be carrying the same AP story as everyone else.

So where can you compete? The local news that CNN, et al, are not going to carry. Do not make your readers search your site just to get the local coverage they are looking for.

Places like (in Massachusetts) have it figured out, probably because most Massachusetts local newspapers did *not* figure it out. is trying to do this on a bigger scale.

Comment: Re: Hey US... (Score 1) 650

by alcmena (#44387719) Attached to: US Lawmakers Want Sanctions On Any Country Taking In Snowden
Also, keep in mind that it is the debtor and not the lender who truly holds the power. Don't believe me? Look at the massive losses that banks took during the lending crisis. One single f--k you to the lenders and the lenders have lost their investment. Sure that causes losses for the debtor (see Argentina) but those losses are only real if the lender has the ability to force the issue. Most don't.

Comment: Re:Eh, that's it? (Score 3, Insightful) 619

by alcmena (#43178741) Attached to: Samsung Unveils the Galaxy S4
To be fair, it's more like buying a new car and just replacing the software on the touchscreen computer. A custom ROM is just software whereas everything else you listed is hardware. The hardware for the S3 is fantastic. I'd love to get a S4, but I think I'll wait until Cyanogen, or someone else, manages to clear out all of Samsung's "awesome software". I know I may not be their target audience, but I would really prefer to have the option to get a vanilla Android install one of their devices. The Galaxy S3 has better hardware than the Galaxy Nexus, but the Galaxy Nexus runs just so much better than a stock S3.

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