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Comment: Re:"Promoting" how? (Score 1) 179

by RobinH (#47697481) Attached to: Fighting Invasive Fish With Forks and Knives
If that were the case, I can see how it would promote the introduction of invasive species. That is, if you have a fishing lodge on Lake Somechamacallit, and you have to pay for a license to fish native species, why not then just import a breeding pair of invasive species, let nature run its course for a few years, and then fish all you like?

Comment: Re:Been discussed before (Score 1) 238

However, what's particularly weird, when I hear about software-based automotive recalls like the Toyota accelerator stack overflow bug, is that automotive companies don't seem to have to be certified to anything near the machine safeguarding standards we use to certify factory-floor automation. Nowadays a piece of equipment on the plant floor is pretty much provably safe to operate assuming you don't start disassembling it with a screwdriver. I don't see any such methodology being applied to vehicle control systems.

Comment: Re:Why wouldn't you think they are scanning? (Score 5, Interesting) 353

by RobinH (#47617507) Attached to: Microsoft Tip Leads To Child Porn Arrest In Pennsylvania
My significant other deals with teenagers all the time in schools, and it's amazing how many of them get irate when parents/teachers/police start to question them about stuff they posted on Facebook. The content usually comes to light because one of their "friends" have showed the authorities the content, or in some cases the teen actually friends the teacher/police officer. Their typical response is, "that's my private Facebook page!"

Comment: The TSDB tracks names, not people. (Score 1) 256

by wiredog (#47613967) Attached to: 40% Of People On Terror Watch List Have No Terrorist Ties

There is a many to many mapping of those. (Should be many to one, but nothing is perfect.)

That is, my slashdot user name is one "name", so is my "real" name that people call me, which is not the full name on my birth certificate. So that's three names for one person.

Also, not all terrorist groups are in the middle east, or Muslim. Several are right here in the US, and Christian. (Or Jewish, not sure if any atheist groups are in the US).

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