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Comment Re:I wonder if the hackers would stop.. (Score 1) 452 452

//User points out to ATMAvatar that almost all products are produced by two or three companies, and that almost all those companies have the same horrible practices.

//User points out that your choice tends to be "I will support this asshole or that asshole", not "I will support this asshole or this great guy!".

Comment Re:That explains it... (Score 1) 488 488

Good point, of COURSE Americans are not obsessed with Vigilante justice.

Now excuse me, I must go watch Thor and Priest (And we have reruns of Ironman 1 and 2, and I must check my tivo for Chuck and 24 to see if those are ready, and how long has it been since Batman, etc etc etc).

Comment Re:What a bunch of dummies (Score 1) 533 533

So what you are saying is that the old school programers worked for a few hours and waited for the rest of the day to see if they have an error.

^_^ I would say we are more productive than that even WITH those "lazy and dumb" practices of ours.

Besides, most projects I cover tend to be linear in nature. In fact, the output of one script may negate the whole purpose of a second script or tool.

I would also suggest to you that most unproductive workers are workers who lack good communication with the clients. Many a script turned out to be unneeded or useless once the client gets what they asked for, as the client tends to be really saying "Figure out what I am thinking, stop asking me questions what do I pay you for!"

Comment Re:The Google way... (Score 3, Insightful) 90 90

Remember that time Google promised to hand out 10 million dollars, based on poorly conceptualized public participation, and then ran the participation part of it, got huge press for it, and then...

Oh that is right, they actually gave 50,000,000 dollars ($10 mil each for 5 projects).

So you are saying they will roll out Fiber to 5 times as many places as they promise?

Comment Re:Back in the day... (Score 1) 109 109

I think Linux advancement in virtual machines has been advanced fairly recently.

The Android operating system is a linux based OS that runs java virtual machines, every application in a separate machine with their own database.

You have to manually allow interaction between programs... it is quite stable.

Comment I think that MS WILL come out with something soon (Score 1) 188 188

With more and more Android Tablets being scheduled for release next year (At lower and lower price points thanks to lower *nix hardware needs) I feel we will see SOMETHING from MS this year.

Mind you, they will likely have xp or a stripped version of win 7 since the hardware will have to be cut down to compete with the bare min specifications the opponents will have.

^_^ I envision tablet PC's filling a gap between laptops and phones/book readers. Dirt cheap, multiple purpose, used the way netbooks were meant to be used.

Not sure high end tablets will take off though... I think if the hardware is good laptops with reversible screens are a better idea.

Comment Re:To Quote Star Wars (Score 1) 685 685

I disagree with your premise, the one that implies that Justin Biber (or any singer) is important enough to shut down a website.

I feel the overly powerful media rights are WAY beyond reasonable, and raising ANYTHING to that level is absurd.

//Steal a cd of music, costs $30-$200 fine maybe.
////Copy a cd of musc, costs $222,000. Fuck off world, that is messed up.

Comment Re:So what does Sony break next? (Score 1) 195 195

"And yet the apologists will still give Sony a pass on this instead blaming the hackers for having "forced" Sony to do this."

O.o Well they didn't care when we ran emulators, or homebrew. It was when we had one guy bragging about copying $60 games and playing them (In a way that was easy for everyone else to do with a simple burned CD) that they got concerned. Am I supposed to pretend that he DIDN'T brag specifically about stealing the games, which is how console makers make up the loss in hardware costs?

"Blame the person pulling the trigger"

I thought you said DON'T blame the hacker?

"If I tell somebody that I'm going to smack them if they don't stop whistling, and they continue to whistle, who is the person at fault?"

You are. Just like how Sony kept disabling our hacks to gain hardware access, but we kept 'Whistling' till they scrapped the whole thing.

And you know what? If you bought the PS3 ONLY for homebrew and emulators and so forth, removing otherOS doesn't affect you. Only when you try to play the newest games, newest movies, or on their private network do they require that you keep your system updated.

Sorry, feel free to go back to sony bashing. I know how popular that particular bus is.

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