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Journal: My postings

Journal by the_xaqster
Well, looks like my postings are on track. I'll keep posting as I am, and try not to get modded down too often :)

Journal: Positive Karma!

Journal by the_xaqster

Woot, Woot! Posted some more today, and got modded up 2 points as interesting. Them'll get you more Karma!

Now my posts start on one point again. Huzzah!

Journal: Bad Karma!

Journal by the_xaqster
How can you recover from bad Karma?

I posted my first 5 comments today. The third got moderated +5 Funny. I was happy! Then I got modded down one for Overrated, then back up for Funny. Problem is, Funny don't get you anything, where as Overrated loses you. I now have Bad Karma, so posting with a score of 0. I have posted 2 comments since, and although in one I said the same as someone else, and said it first, They got modded up, and I didn't, as they started on one!

Oh well, gonna have to see what I can do about it!

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