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Comment Re:Because more laws (Score 1) 114

Oh, come on, we are supposed to be Geeks here!

Implant the camera and have it take a feed direct off the optic nerve. Implant the wireless in the head too with some local storage to cover when there is no signal. Active monitoring so if the signal drops for any length of time agents are dispatched to the last known location.

Much Geekier now!

How about that for your SAR limits?

Comment Re:Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act (Score 1) 168

You don't even need to go down to the Firmware level to have companies claim that modifying the software on your device voids the hardware warranty.
Just install Linux on a netbook and see what happens:

Comment Re:It broke again. (Score 2, Informative) 143

Wouldn't work for me. First time it breaks or is damaged, I get charged 50% of the "Unsubsidised" cost of the phone when issued (£250), then the subsequent times I get charged 100% (£500). The phones are replaced about every 3 -4 years, so in theory I could be charged from £250 to £500 for having a 4 year old phone break on me. This comes straight from my wages as a deduction on my payslip.

Comment Re:Another reason not to fly via Heathrow (Score 1) 821

Yes, at first. Also, these things tend to flow down stream.

When they have been "Proven to work" the scanners will be introduced at court houses. "But they are in use at the airport, so they are not an invasion of privacy."

Next you will see them in nightclubs. "Proven security technology, requirements of a licence, trust us not to keep the images.."

Schools? "But these are the same images as made in airports, so it is not indecent"

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