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Comment Are they going to bother notifying us?! (Score 1) 43

"Customers impacted by the password resets will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis. When asked, a Comcast representative confirmed that their security teams were certain that none of their systems or apps had been compromised."

Uh... EXCUSE ME?! If my account was compromised I want to know NOW - I rarely login to my account as I have my own email and get my bill mailed to me.

sigh... going to check now...

Comment Ian Bogost? (Score 2) 568

This Ian Bogost?

"He holds a joint professorship in the School of Literature, Media, and Communication and in Interactive Computing in the College of Computing at the Georgia Institute of Technology, where he is the Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts Distinguished Chair in Media Studies"
"Bogost received his bachelor's in Philosophy and Comparative Literature from the University of Southern California in 1998. He then went on to get his masters in Comparative Literature from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) in 2001, and received his doctorate in Comparative Literature from UCLA in 2008.[3]"

Ahh... a liberal arts major telling us with STEM degrees what an engineer should be...

Comment Heaven's Gate 2k15 (Score 1) 327

This isn't a corporation it's a cult.

What does it mean, really, for all employees to bring their full creativity to work? They're a SHOE SELLING WEBSITE. Unless Hsieh has figured out a way integrate basket weaving into tech, sales, marketing or leadership he doesn't really need/want "full creativity" and he's just leading everyone down Jim Jones way. He's a true 21st century shaman priest because he can't deal with his success so he thinks he's superman and he has to impose his vision of a utopian future upon the rest of the world to make it better because he's "superman". (Just like every other megalomaniac the world has seen like Hitler (there I've invoked Godwin), Alexander the Great or Khan (Genghis, not Noonian...)

It's BS.

I've worked the gauntlet of companies from startups to radically successful small companies to stifling mega-corps (Why yes, your team of 4 built a fully working system in 6 months but we need to hire mega-contractors for 5 million to rewrite it all because then it'll be "legit"). I'm now working for a company that's trying to go Agile because even though they were wildly successful with traditional methods Agile was gonna solve their weaknesses. Well guess what, they've STILL got the same weaknesses (it's hard to estimate dev time for wholly new systems, political blockers, fuzzy requirements, fuzzy design) but now development is faltering because everyone's spending more time trying to make sure all the agile paperwork is up to date rather than putting all their effort into the products themselves!

That's not to say Agile is worthless but my point is that a process is only as good as the people implementing it. Not the other way around. So what does that make our company? Orange? Teal? Green? Plaid? (Can't... do...plaid!).

Producing products (those evil evil materialists) requires a unified goal. Unified goals do not come out of self-discovery. They come out of one man or a small team with a unified vision. People can then choose to work towards that unified vision or not but the end result is the same - the effort and energy output is ONE way towards the team and up the chain of command (or to the people driving the vision). You want happy people Hsieh? Pay them well, simplify their workload and give them dependability that their job will be there so they can have the comfort and psychological energy to discover life themselves as they want it. Not as you want to impose it you tinpot dictator with delusions of godhood.

Comment South Park did it (Score 2) 250

They don't prefer playing on mobile devices... they prefer watching others play on mobile devices!!!


It's not surprising really - I'm a gamer and while I do still play games on the console and my PC my smartphone is just...convenient. The console requires sitting in front of the TV and not watching TV. Same with the PC (although a laptop is more flexible here if it's powerful enough for the game).

Portable games systems require carrying them along with you and while I've got a younger cousin that will carry both his smartphone and DS (and play games on his DS while watching Youtube videos on his phone) that's generally a hassle.

Smartphone? Always with me.

Comment Ah... (Score 1) 102

So I get credit for starting a TED talk or YouTube video and then going to the other room then...

Several years past, would they have considered my subscription to Dr. Dobbs to be "educational" and worthwhile of my lifelong training? Sure, I worked at several companies with a corporate library that maintained subscriptions to Dr. Dobbs but they still never considered that proper training or even learning. Because it isn't.

Adding to my knowledge base? Maybe. But anything we consume does that. I actually got an idea for a project from something I saw on Star Trek: Next Gen. Would the count? How about Game of Thrones? (Ok, maybe for exec level management...)

To wit - Micro-tracking isn't going to resolve workplace job fits or skills placements as part of career tracking. That's still a purely human contact basis based on a messy mix of relationship interactions.

Do we judge Venus Williams or Mayweather's as greats because they watched historical games/matches? Or because they trained hard and performed?

Comment Re:Geographic redundancy (Score 1) 174

With all the talk about bitrot I'm kinda curious what kind of strategy these cloud services use to prevent that sort of thing (if at all) - Do they make backups of all the cloud storage? Disk redundancy? File verification? Or am I essentially just storing everything on a Windows NTFS drive at a remote location?

Comment Re:Geographic redundancy (Score 2) 174

I've got about a terabyte of photos and video and and was also looking at glacier which seemed reasonable for .01 per gigabyte per month (basically $10/month for me) which I thought was reasonable until halfway through uploading everything a friend pointed out that Amazon had *unlimited* storage for $60/year on their Amazon Cloud Drive. So I'm now about halfway through uploading everything to that.

The cloud drive has some nicer features in that all the data is private and I can share files are folders as I want.

I'm a little more skittish of uploading my mp3s from ripped CDs and other videos I've captured off of my DVR though. Amazon's license agreement seems to say it's OK so long as I don't share it but we know how that goes.

Comment Re:Here's hoping she's charged (Score 1) 676

Not the same thing at all - it's perfectly legit to have a separate account for non-official duty emails (eg political party ones) and official duty emails... Yknow - like work and personal email accounts. The President of the U.S. generally serves two functions - head of the U.S. and head of the political party and that info doesn't have to go on the official record.

The reason Hillary is in trouble here is because she used her private account to do official business.

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