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Comment: Re:I just don't understand (Score 1) 1128

by the_saint1138 (#48460605) Attached to: Officer Not Charged In Michael Brown Shooting


Too often, people (and more damagingly, news media) act like they understand what the police response to a threat should have been -- "Why didn't they tase him?".

Less-than-lethal options are in many cases insufficient to stop a deadly threat. Most people don't get that a taser has very limited range, can only fire 1-3 'shots', and requires that both electrodes in a shot make viable contact with the target in order to function. Even then, it is possible for some people to overcome the effect, and continue fighting.

Comment: Great Device... Just not for gaming (Score 1) 83

by the_saint1138 (#46878959) Attached to: Mini Gaming PCs — Promising, But Not Ready

The much cheaper "non-gaming" editions of this make much more sense.

They have VESA mount points and can be mounted on the back of a monitor:

Sure the graphics aren't top-notch, but most people don't need that. They're great if you need a computer but don't have space for a tower (and also don't want the failure issues associated with a laptop).

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