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Comment: Great Device... Just not for gaming (Score 1) 83

by the_saint1138 (#46878959) Attached to: Mini Gaming PCs — Promising, But Not Ready

The much cheaper "non-gaming" editions of this make much more sense.

They have VESA mount points and can be mounted on the back of a monitor:

Sure the graphics aren't top-notch, but most people don't need that. They're great if you need a computer but don't have space for a tower (and also don't want the failure issues associated with a laptop).

Comment: Re:Wrong party (Score 1) 688

by the_saint1138 (#44817801) Attached to: How Car Dealership Lobbyists Successfully Banned Tesla Motors From Texas

What Libertarians tend to actually want is the ability for the more powerful private actor to take advantage of the less powerful private actor with impunity.

I am a libertarian. I don't want this. In fact, I don't know a single libertarian who does.

You're pretty far off the mark, and I'd suggest that you do more research into what libertarians actually want. This rates as score 5 insightful, mods?

Comment: Re:Local media does stream (Score 1) 128

by the_saint1138 (#44394709) Attached to: Google Chromecast Reviewed; Google Nixes Netflix Discount

Instead of $35, how about I pay $0 and just the networking capabilities of my TV? Or pay the same $0 and use the same capabilities in my optical disc player, which also steams media files from my local NAS. Or use the same capabilities in my TiVo?

The aim of this device is to turn a "dumb" TV into a "smart(er)" TV. If your TV (or some other already attached device) already has networking capabilities, this device is probably not for you. However, if you only own a dumb TV and just happen to a have a smartphone/tablet handy, this is an excellent device for the money.

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