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AMD Slashing Prices Still Not Enough? 159

Posted by ScuttleMonkey
from the price-wars-mean-happy-consumers dept.
PeterN writes to tell us that after hearing the announcement that AMD was slashing prices on their processors by 47%, TG Daily looked a bit deeper and found that it still might not be enough. From the article: "For AMD's planned price drop for its dual-core processors to enable the company to regain its aggressive price/performance competitive position against Intel as it has promised, the company would have to reduce its existing Athlon 64 X2 and Athlon FX prices by between 38% and 56% for its various models, with cuts averaging about 51%. This estimate is based on a comprehensive price/performance review of Intel's soon-to-be-released Core 2 Extreme and Core 2 Duo processors, along with its existing Pentium D dual-core line, pitted against AMD's FX-62, FX-60, and Athlon 64 X2 processors in Tom's Hardware Guide tests."

Comment: Re:NOT a hard drive alternative (Score 1) 258

by the_real_bto (#15693438) Attached to: A Magnetic Memory Alternative to Hard Disk
In the case that a "normal" filesystem is used, such as FAT, it isn't written out to the chips. NAND flash has special requirements about how it is written that prevent a normal FS from being used on it. There is a software layer between the filesystem the operating system sees and the flash chips. The operating system does not directly write to the flash chips unless it is using a flash filesystem. FAT32, ext2, and other non-embedded filesystems are not written directly to the flash.

Here is a company that sells flash chips that can be used with normal filesystems: echnology/TrueFFS_Technology.htm

On that diagram the DiskOnChip is the physical device. You can see that there is quite a bit going on between what the operating system "sees" and what actually gets written to the chips.

Reverse Multithreading CPUs 263

Posted by ScuttleMonkey
from the quick-geordi-reverse-the-polarity dept.
microbee writes "The register is reporting that AMD is researching a new CPU technology called 'reverse multithreading', which essentially does the opposite of hyperthreading in that it presents multiple cores to the OS as a single-core processor." From the article: "The technology is aimed at the next architecture after K8, according to a purported company mole cited by French-language site x86 Secret. It's well known that two CPUs - whether two separate processors or two cores on the same die - don't generate, clock for clock, double the performance of a single CPU. However, by making the CPU once again appear as a single logical processor, AMD is claimed to believe it may be able to double the single-chip performance with a two-core chip or provide quadruple the performance with a quad-core processor."

An Editorial Melee About Female Gamers 135

Posted by Zonk
from the put-up-your-dukes dept.
SR71 writes "Tom's Hardware has a strong debate between two of its editors in a face-off editorial about female gamers." From the article: "I'm not being puritanical - heck, a while ago I wrote about wanting to see more sex in videogames. Neither is this about being against female gamers. I simply take issue with people falling and fawning over these female gamers, and talking high-mindedly about how professional female e-sports will soon be on a par with the male circuit." The article contans some crass language that may be NSFW.

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