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Comment Re:He is looking at it wrong... (Score 1) 750

Well, nobody forced you to buy a Mercedes! If you ever do any advanced driving courses, you'll learn about correct use of the hand/parking brake (not using it on a hill will soon get you failed).

It's also essential to secure the car against accidental movement while stationary. Example: you're stopped at a pedestrian crossing and somebody shunts you up the rear, you don't want to be ploughing into the pedestrians because your foot slipped off the brake.

Comment Re:He is looking at it wrong... (Score 1) 750

That's a bad technique that can only work if the engine idle is set too high. The handbrake start is the correct and safest way to operate a manual on a hill. Indeed, you should have the parking brake engaged whenever the car is stationary (as taught in the UK when I learned to drive).

Comment Re:multitouch and Apple (Score 1) 174

Is that a patent? Surely a patent describes how an apparatus is made, not what the desired outcome should be.

It's like patenting TV as 'a box which show moving pictures captured by another box with a lens' rather than 'apparatus for modulating an electron beam in rectangular matrix...'.

Comment Re:Hmm, I would add the 80386 and the 3dfx Voodoo (Score 1) 185

The 68000 didn't have virtual memory so can't be compared with the (later) 80386. The 68010 (which I programmed on in the 80s in a Torch XXX) had virtual memory and was the 'mainframe on a chip'. Also I question this idea of IBM considering the 68000 for the IBM PC. The 68k had a 16-bit data bus so would have meant a more expensive mainboard design than the (8-bit bus) 8088. The Motorola chip to compare with the 8088 is the 68008 (Sinclair QL anybody?).

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