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Comment Interesting, but compiler settings aren't optimal (Score 4, Insightful) 25 25

Look here at the compiler settings. The x86 processors are somewhat hampered by non-optimal settings. For example the i3 5010U is set to -mtune=generic. In my experience, that's basically going to default to AMD K8 optimization with no AVX/AVX2 support. The better option would be using -mtune=native or better yet -march=native, which would detect the CPU and produce a more optimized binary.

Comment Re:Salary vs. cost of living? (Score 1) 264 264

When talking about percentage increase, you have to use the starting value as the denominator, not the end value (actually your numerator isn't right either).

$800+$600=$1400 so the actual increase is 75% ($600/$800)

Your salary:
$32,000+$18,000=$50,000 so the actual salary increase is 56% ($18,000/$32,000)

Comment Re: And? (Score 1) 295 295

It takes significantly less training to be A nurse than a doctor.

Fastest path to practicing nursing: 2 year associates degree after high school

Fastest path to being a practicing doctor: commonly 4 years of college, 4 years of medical school, 3 years of residency (family medicine, internal medicine, or pediatrics).

Comment Re: Lifestyle (Score 3, Informative) 332 332

Citations? Here're mine:

USA uses about 1500 m3/capita/year, which is similar to New Zealand (1200 m3/capita/year) and Canada (1400 m3/capita/year). Compare with California alone, we're at 178 gallons/capita/day which is 245 m3/capita/year. That's lower than most countries.

Comment Re:But not to Nestle. (Score 5, Informative) 332 332

Wouldn't help much. They bottle about 500 million gallons of water a year. California residents use about 1 trillion gallons a year (about 10% of California's yearly water usage). To put that into perspective: almond farms use about 1.2 trillion gallons a year; alfalfa farms use about 1.5 trillion gallons a year.

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