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Comment Re:For me it is way beyond advertising... (Score 1) 109

I spend a lot of time removing crap from webpages.
sadly, this breaks things due to wildcarding a bit too much.

but I love having control over what the page renders to. in fact, it was the main idea behind the separation of content and format. the wizziwhig (lol) idiots broke the web when they refused to understand the CONCEPT of a tagged language that gets rendered to the USER'S liking, not the PUBLISHER's.


Comment Re:Call for mass-forking of Android (Score 5, Interesting) 123

google designed a faulty os, their update model is broken, their fragmentation is a nightmare and the fact that they broke vpn's for ALL of 4.4 is NOT a carrier issue, my friend!

I love to blame carriers, too; but vpn api being broken for a year and NOT BEING FIXED is a carrier issue to you? how in the world is that their fault when google, themselves, abandoned 4.4 for key bugfixes?

I'm supposed to jump on 5.0 and not expect MAJOR bugs to be fixed in just a few versions back; a still-current version for most people??

google owns this one. sorry if that goes against your narrative but vpns being broken in a whole version and never being fixed is a huge slap in the face.

Comment Re:Won't buy from Motorola or Verizon again! (Score 1) 123

I also valued the sd card and swappable battery. it was hard for me to convert over to an lg g2 (at a friend's request). the sd card this is not hard to deal with; a $10 OTG adapter gives you usbstick access or even micro-sd. it sticks out (dongle) but its not horrible.

battery wise, my phone can take new batteries but its a huge issue to open the phone and dig out so many things. the batt is not soldered it, but its pretty deep inside. still, a batt change would be needed every 2 years or so and when that time comes, I'll do the $15 batt replacement. in the short term, sigh, there's always those usb batteries that are very common now.

lg g2 bootloader is unlocked. its not a current phone but its buyable for $120 or so, refurb or clean-used, and that's not a bad deal for what was once a flagship and still is quite competitive.

I wen with vzn, as well, due to their coverage. sucks, though, that there are different physical phone models for each carrier. even the case you buy for the phone has to match the vzn version or the att vesion. absurd!

phones really are stupid. I blame the kids who basically don't know the history of how computers COULD be and SHOULD be, and ignored all this shared wisdom we had over the past decades (in computer theory and useability) and basically started from zero and made all those same mistakes again that could have been avoided if they only hired some folks who have been working in software for more than a year after college ;(

thru and thru, android shows that it was not well thought out and is one kludge over another.

is android linux? not really. take a linux admin who has lots of experience and give him an adb shell into a phone. have him poke around. are there syslog files? man pages? can you even friggin run ifconfig -a? no. nothing of the sort. its not like any linux I've been on. whatever I tried other than df, pwd, ls (and such) didn't work. its not really linux as we know it. it COULD HAVE BEEN but the children in control decided against it for some reason.

really absurd. shame what this could have been but wasn't.

Comment Re:Call for mass-forking of Android (Score 1, Troll) 123

I continue to hate on google.

a friend convinced me to try a 'new' android phone (older used one but a few gens back so its now affordable). my one and only android, the N1, is stuck at 2.2 or something equally ancient and I'm tired of that being such a POS.

refurb phone came with 4.4. I rooted it (lg g2) and installed twrp recovery (not easy at all, for some reason) and then a custom rom based on 4.4, supposedly with lots of fixes.

I then find out that vpn is broken (by design) in ALL 4.4 codebases. everyone complains about this, if you search on it. google broke an api or something and nothing works anymore for vpn.

I bought a 2nd phone of the same type as a spare. that one came with 5.0 installed. tried the custom rom for that version and vpn works; but the led indicator won't work (at all) for newmail or unaswered calls.

so, I get to pick which version I run; broken vpn but all else (mostly) working or broken led but vpn does work.

sigh. this was supposed a good phone, too. its been out long enough so it should be stable but its not. god know what else is broken but I have not found it yet.

stock os is not any better and has bloat which needed to be removed, anyway.

when I searched for the vpn issue, it seems that google has left this open for more than a year, unfixed! their reply: essentially saying 'go to 5.x and abandon 4.x'.

great. just great. I can do that but many others can't, and the led indicator is broken on 5.x, with no fix in sight that I can find.

android is a fucking mess. a total steaming pile of shit. the reason people put up with this is because there are not many other choices. few want any part of MS anymore, many (like me) don't love apple; and so there's nothing really left anymore but android ;(

a year and no vpn fixes. 4.3 worked (from what I've read). 4.4.* broke it. there is nothing newer than that in the 4.x train (is there?). 5.x is a mess, as well.

this does not even address the security issue (SF). if I want a fix for this, I'm essentially on my own. I have not seen any fixes for this phone yet and since its 'old' now, I doubt I will.

thanks google. you are THE 'short attention span' poster child of the century. you have the talent to be a good vendor but you seem to not care! how sad. strong ability but you lack focus and you give up on things PEOPLE ACTUALLY USE and just move onto the next shiny thing.

sigh. android will continue to be a mess and a nexus does not guarantee anything about patches or support. google just has no reason to care about you. they don't get paid by you, they are not working for you and whatever they throw over the wall, the fanboys will think its great no matter what.

Comment Umm, so children are people too? (Score 1) 256

Yeah, food pairings, who'd have thunk it?! Oh wait, every chef since the middle ages.

And no, veggies don't pair with fried foods. I'm betting that after fried chicken nuggets, and fried burgers, there's no nutrition left from the veggies that just slide right through.

Oh, the sequence you say? Right, like the antipasti course, the salad course, the appetizer course.

And, this is just my observation, tell me if you've heard this before, you don't want your burger to get cold, so you'll eat it while it's hot. Then you've got cold veggies, which are decidedly less appealing.

So, let's summarize: children, aka hungry hungry humans, forced to eat an entire meal in a single plate, choose to eat the hot entree, aka the most nutrient-filled, food, first, and then may not remain hungry for something that should have been eaten long before.

And we're surprised? We're surprised that a one-plate one-course meal isn't fully balanced? That's why the nuggets ought to have been served with a tangy marinara dipping sauce, wherein three servings of veggies could have been blitzed.

Comment Can we give up now? (Score 1) 57

Are we still expecting to build a system that can't be hacked? I don't understand why anyone would think that possible.

We gave up on that hundreds of years ago for so many things -- think the lock on your front door, next to the glass window; or your car, with the slim-jim. You can walk up to anyone on the street, and just stab them to death with a kitchen knife. You can drive your car onto the sidewalk and kill a dozen people in mere seconds.

I think it's high-time we stop wasting so much time and money trying to resist, and start planning to deter and penalize.

Comment burried shovel (Score 1) 146

So, in a commercial environment, it would cost $5 Billion of commercial developers being paid a proper wage. I get that. But in this day and age, if you wanted to build that sort of thing, you wouldn't hire developers commercially. You'd create an open source project and let the developer community at large assist in your project.

In doing so, it would cost far less. I cite, as my proof-of-concept example, an organization called the linux foundation, which has 115,013,302 total lines of source code and didn't spend $5 billion to get there.

I used to wonder how I'd dig up my shovel, without my shovel. Now I wonder how I buried my shovel, without my shovel.

Comment The wrong way (Score 1) 203

Once again, listen carefully. You don't deter/avoid/eliminate malicious behaviour like this by creating more stringent testing methods. What you've here is decided to spend more money to create better compliance testing, in a world where those being tested (car makers) can profit by finding better ways to cheat.

Congrats, you're just going to breed better cheaters.

And it's obvious why: your playbook is public, theirs is not. They know how you're going to test them. You don't know how they are going to cheat. And we're back to security theatre.

The truly aggravating part is that there's a very easy way to deter this sort of thing: you make it simply destructive to their bottom line. If the penalty for cheating makes it not worthwhile cheating, then they won't cheat. I believe we've said it can be as high as $18 billion dollars. Good start. We're also talking about cars, engineering, safety concerns, false advertising, and stubbing the laws. Sounds like jail time to me -- for anyone responsible for the code, or for supervising the code, right up the chain.

That's why I don't commit significant crimes. It's not because I'm being tested. It's because I risk jail time.

Comment Re:How long will the company stay up? (Score 1) 494

destroy a lot of wealth?

sounds good! anyone WITH 'wealth' these days likely got it by being a sociopath.

people with 'savings' are normal people. people with 'weatlh' are lying cheating bastards and that's the only way, now, to get 'wealth'.

I'm half serious. that's what's sad; this is not a joke. the redist of weath is one of the biggest crimes of this century. resetting that could only be a good thing.

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