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Comment: it's just a speculum (Score 1) 162

by the_fat_kid (#47436253) Attached to: Hair-Raising Technique Detects Drugs, Explosives On Human Body

And this is some how a good thing?

I'm sure that some law will prohibit forcing people to have their recent diet tested to be a passenger...

No "law" is going to prevent the TSA from deploying this against everyone who flies
or takes a train
or a bus
or drives
or uses public buildings
or looks suspicious
you know, Terrorists

Comment: Re:"Don't Worry, it's only 400k volts" (Score 1) 162

by the_fat_kid (#47431431) Attached to: Hair-Raising Technique Detects Drugs, Explosives On Human Body

Your magic door way to the employment office (with death ray?) will also be good for keeping out anyone with any cash or Tylenol. Are you really prepared to bet you job that you haven't touched either? I'm not suggesting that you use drugs but your money does. American money is so soaked with cocaine you can almost chew it like coca leaves. If the trucking industry is so filled with Drug Addicts maybe the problem is deeper than "scaring away applicants"
Now, if we can come up with a skin test for prostitute killing psyco I think we might have some thing.

Comment: Re:Giving credit where credit is due... (Score 2) 235

Ignorance might be the excuse they try but just signing the NDA is conspiracy.
and the last time I checked ignorance of the law is still not a valid excuse.
it sounds like racketeering on the part of the manufacturer.
and it SHOULD result in the release of what sounds like a sexual predator.
And isn't tricking every cell phone in range a DMCA violation?

Comment: Re:To the dump!? (Score 1) 168

that sounds like a step down the slope of Communism.
The kind of people who throw away whole libraries wouldn't dream of letting people have the books for free.
They aren't trying to privatize the library, they are trying to bury it.
It's about making information that you don't want go away.

Comment: Re:If that wasn't crueal and unreasonable... (Score 1) 1038

by the_fat_kid (#45995711) Attached to: Controversial Execution In Ohio Uses New Lethal Drug Combination

"At some point someone has to clean up the most violent murderers of society
Why? When? Who?
Society has been rolling along quite nicely with the "Most Violent Murderers" and the biggest thieves and the worst liars all intact.
Cleaning them up is a nice phrase, but what you mean is kill them.
I'd not like to take part in any killing, even if it makes you more comfortable.

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