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Comment body mods (Score 1) 66

When I see a pierced nose, I wonder if it squirts when you have a cold. When I see some guy with stretched earlobes, I just envision using the lobes as places to hang clothing. Or maybe hams.

I think the only body enhancement that I do see that evokes anything but wondering why someone would be so stupid is breast implants. For them I feel sorry for them that they didn't think they were good enough without them.

I wonder why people feel the need to cut themselves off from excellent careers by doing that crap to themselves. I had long hair when growing up. Went to a crew cut after I finished college.

Comment Re:Hans Moravec (Score 1) 261

And if I programmed the machines to not destroy the cells during the upload - what would happen?

Nice concept, but there's a big gaping hole in practice.

Granted, you won't care (as a replica) when the meat suit dies and takes the actual conscious with it.

And when a meatsuit replicates your hard drive 20 times and you meet 20 different versions of "yourself" I'll hope that the software can keep you from panicking.

Dead is dead. All you can hope for is an afterlife. PC based will never count.

Comment Re:Who fucking cares? (Score 1) 261

I was going to say that too.

If you die and Broadhead's wife uploads you to be able to talk to the dead heechee - you never got to talk to the heechee - cause you died.

The ONLY way YOU can be uploaded and still be YOU is you believe you have a conscious soul that accompanies the upload.

That being said, if you don't die during the upload, are you still having that soul? Do you hear the upload in your mind? Or like a book I can't remember, do you have to be vaporized when a copy of you is made?

Comment Good for HP! (Score 1) 273

I hope the loss in revenue from high cost countries will be beneficial to them as low cost countries will be the only one buying HP.

I've certainly decided to never buy HP again.

It's amazing to think about the stupidity of killing off rich markets in order to gain an initial profit before you're forced to sell your product to more poorer markets.

It'll be interesting to see how much they end up selling printer ink for in Somalia.

Comment Re:Class-Action time? (Score 1) 268

no mod points, so I'll just clap.

Yep - people who aren't printing photos all the time need to stop buying inkjets. They dry up, they are expensive, and the cheap cost of the printer is following the razor model of give away the expensive part and overcharge for the refillable.

I have two printers, one a BW brother laser that I use for quantity printing, and a HP m177 laser that does the color printing. I can not have to print anything for two months, and then have a non ink dried copy pop out on demand.

The brother cost me 60 bucks, the m177 cost me 144 bucks. I couldn't be happier.

Comment err (Score 1) 485

Star Trek was pitched as a copy of "Wagon Train" only to other stars. Not Gulliver's travels.

And I wonder if they ever let that NBC executive out from when he got locked in the closet over cancelling what turned out to be a massive franchise.

My bets is He's still there and mummified.

Comment Re:A-10 for the Win (Score 4, Interesting) 502

The a-10 is my favorite weapons platform. The AC 130 is my second favorite.

My favorite jet is the SR-71.

I'm hoping that we haven't learned yet what replaced the SR-71 , cause if it's just satellites and the x-37b - my childhood awe of a jet traveling over 2000 mph will be crushed.

My fingers are crossed that the aurora is really an asset. That would make my inner child very happy.

Real computer scientists like having a computer on their desk, else how could they read their mail?