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Comment: Re:Sony? (Score 1) 177

by the_Bionic_lemming (#48645249) Attached to: Hackers Used Nasty "SMB Worm" Attack Toolkit Against Sony

Are you upset that the government does gitmo, kills off coal jobs, and supports obamacare?

If any of the three you support, who are you happy with and who do you reference when you complain?

Sony makes the decisions. Sony is suffering. Despite what branch does what - Sony deserves to suffer for their anti-consumer arrogance.

Comment: Re:I'd expect Fawkes masks to start making stateme (Score 0) 218

And yet there is the evil George Soros which is the boogeymen of the left....

As an American, I'm sick and tired of the straw horses being trotted out by both sides. It's time to flush the toilet and kick both sides out. Obama just got a new "shellacking" and the democrat in power that helped move legislation which caused the "shellacking" promptly blamed the other side and said "ya'll should be working with us".

Cut spending, Stop showing up on trendy shows, back off on policing the world, and learn to live in a fricking budget!

We have a third of America on Food stamps and we are inviting others to pile on into the party.

That's not going to work. Is it going to take a major economic colapse to wake America up?

Comment: Re:Creators wishing to control their creations... (Score 1) 268

I haven't set foot in a movie theater in 15 years. They want to do it their way, then they obviously don't want my money.

The local theater closed here about a year ago. Guess there wasn't enough folks like you to keep it afloat.

Comment: Re:Setting aside that old Constitution (Score 1) 446

by the_Bionic_lemming (#48512669) Attached to: 18th Century Law Dredged Up To Force Decryption of Devices

The writers of the constitution had just come out of an oppressive government and won their rights by fighting back against the oppressive government and decided to make sure that if there was a time wen the tree of liberty had to be watered - the citizens would be armed and step up and form militias to fight back.

The whole point of America is and was Freedom. It's a responsibility that all americans must stand up for. Be it an outside force, an oppressive government, or your home being invaded, it's up to you to stand up and fight.

We've collectively been slapped down by many oppressive laws - the right to keep up in technology (I don't mean computers here), the right to be not spied on or searched illegally, and the right to be free.

Here's a basic litmus test. Will you agree to be searched before boarding a flight, or will you tell the person that you're an American, and you refuse to have your basic civil rights violated? It's ok to answer honestly, I just would like to know since I'd like a tax on folks like you, to fund people like me since we need more ammunition since you aren't stepping up to be ready to fight for your freedom.

Comment: Re:You can pry my wallet from my... (Score 1) 375

by the_Bionic_lemming (#48504295) Attached to: The Cashless Society? It's Already Coming

Think about how much you spend per year. Think about the percent you pay in credit card fees. Take that amount and multiply it over 50 years and just think what you could do with that amount if it had gained interest before you retired.

And all it would take is a bit of time on your part to use cash and monitor your bank account.

Comment: Re:Mod the parent up. (Score 1) 488

I fully agree with you.

Mozilla turf crashed with their idiotic ideas after they decided to go with quick builds and a deaf ear.

I'm still running on 5.0 and wish that I could go back to the days of an easy browser that could block all of the cross connecting crap and ads and just give me a basic browser with one that does not continually run into websites that tells me to upgrade.

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