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Comment: google glass (Score 1) 324

by the_Bionic_lemming (#48868583) Attached to: What Will Google Glass 2.0 Need To Actually Succeed?

I have to wear glasses and would rather not, gas perms and other contacts that I've tried suck - so why would anyone need to wear glasses when they don't need to, or invest in a pair that still has to be upgraded to prescription lenses?

This whole "glass" thing reminds of ten years ago when the rage was three d gaming in Unreal Tournament - a thing of the future (just like flying cars for everyone).

Comment: 2400 satellites? (Score 1) 123

That should make the lives of anyone planning the math launches for missions quite a bit more interesting.

Personally, I hate Satellite Internet - after suffering under a fair use policy and having my bandwidth reduce to 1.2 k under Hughes, I don't see how even having 2400 small satellites in orbit can help, or envision the lag time if they made it work with a large population.

Comment: contracts (Score 1) 629

I read this thread and being new to having a smartphone that I can't root since I bought it for my business and need it to charge credit cards and started panicking.

So I read thru all the op and then found in the s4 what version I was running, and I am at 4.4.4 so I'm good to go.

For people not good to go - take the articles, and start calling and screaming at the providers that have you under contract and make them ship you a new phone. That was my plan if I wasn't covered.

Comment: Re:Mass perjury (Score 1) 165

by the_Bionic_lemming (#48762557) Attached to: Porn Companies Are Going After GitHub

if a poor person sues apple, then the proportioned 50/50 will have apple paying for the plaintiffs defense. The more cash apple throws at the fight, the more they will have to give to the plaintiff for the plaintiff's defense.

If Apple is in the right, then they win, and the poor defendant is on hook for the entire bill.

This insures that the rich megacorps only fight when they really have the high ground. This would also eliminate harassment lawsuits since if you are just being a dick, you're going to lose everything.

Comment: Re:Mass perjury (Score 1) 165

by the_Bionic_lemming (#48762437) Attached to: Porn Companies Are Going After GitHub

Have you ever sued someone? It costs money, it takes years, and if you might prevail to the tune of a return, the llc just declares bankruptcy, then it takes more money, more time, and in my case, I couldn't stop the bankruptcy.

That was with a small firm - Ramp that up and you are fighting against lots of lawyers with lots of time and lots of nod and winks since the Judge was a lawyer too.

Unless "loser pays" is adopted in the US (with the cost being 50/50 paid for in a ratio that reflects the plaintiff and defendants income), the winners will always be the ones with the deepest pockets.

Large corporations will be forced to settle rather than dominate in that case as losing a case that they know they are in violation for will be catastrophic since they have to pay up the full tab and cover the lawyers expenses for the opposing party.

Comment: Chicago schools (Score 5, Insightful) 169

After being a teacher in Joliet , Illinois system and seeing what passes for teaching and parental involvement in the Chicago land area I can quite firmly state that it isn't the money taxpayers spend, the technology that is invested in the area, nor the opportunities that students have that is the real issue.

The real issue is that there needs to be a clean out of lazy teachers and administration that refuses to interact with parents- a gallon of bleach dumped into the leach pool.

These children need people to intervene and make sure to involve the parents in all aspects of their education. Instead, we have more people involved on getting paid and protecting their pension.

It's quite sad.

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