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Comment: Re:It helps to actually use the thing. (Score 1) 296

by the_B0fh (#48243537) Attached to: How Sony, Intel, and Unix Made Apple's Mac a PC Competitor

Apple only offers a limited set of configuration, and if it meets what your needs are, they are price competitive. However, there're a bunch of morons out there who keep comparing a low end netbook to a macbook pro or macbook air, and claiming it's the same.

It is really hard to take these people seriously...

Comment: Re:'Mobile' no more. (Score 3, Interesting) 129

It is amortized over the large number of iPhones and iPads sold. Lets say they have 1,000 people dedicated solely to the ARM cpu/gpu. At $200,000 per person per year. They sell 150 million iPhones + iPads a year (more, but I rounded over for easier calculation).

1,000 * 200,000 / 150,000,000 = $1.33

So, $21.33.

Comment: Re:'Mobile' no more. (Score 1) 129

What about GPU scores though? What'll be interesting is to see what a quad core A8X would look like, and how it compares to intel's HD 5000, AMD and NVIDIA's discrete GPUs. Imagine dropping an A8X or an A9X in your new MacBook Pro as the GPU. All of a sudden, you have both x86 and ARM in one box. With Grand Central Dispatch, and some special code, you can even offload CPU intensive tasks to the A*X. Metal API is pretty impressive to a non-coder like me, making it available on the MacBooks would be amazing.

Comment: Re:I don't really see the point. (Score 1) 129

I wonder how a quad core A8X compares to one of the x86 GPUs. And if not the A8X, then the A9X. One of these days, it will catch up, and since it's Apple's own design, it'll be cheap to drop one in as a GPU. Think about it, you now have an ARM cores in your MacBook Pro, in addition to the x86 cpu, being extremely energy efficient. With Grand Central Dispatch, it might even be possible to push some instructions over (or perhaps specially written code).

Comment: Re:Let's shit all over the customers (Score 3, Informative) 129

Please do not try to inject facts into a haterz rant. It's not as if Apple is better than Android in providing timely updates to all the devices they support. Or force you to wait for your manufacturer to provide the update. Or allow your carriers to screw you over by withholding updates. Oh wait...

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