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To quote the professor:

Yet that’s all it shows: People suddenly feel that their phone is slowing down. It doesn’t show that our iPhones actually became slower.

And really, if you want new functionality - which requires new code, are you telling me it doesn't make sense that it will take up more memory and CPU cycles, and therefore "slower" ?

Unless someone finds a "if old phone, wait() and wait more()", even the "optimizing for new phone" argument is bullshit, because Apple pushes out an image specific to your phone (i.e., iOS 6 for iPhone 4 is different from iOS 6 for iPhone 4S is different from iOS 6 for iPhone 5).

Why is everything a conspiracy theory with you?

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Are you that stupid, or do you just play one on the Internet? This issue has been debated endlessly and there are lots of nice graphs and diagrams, even here on /.

No, it is not the assertion - what Level3 has pointed out is that in the peering hostel, there is sufficient capacity but Verizon refuses to use it. That is the place where Netflix's ISP and Your ISP (Verizon) meets, to pass traffic to each other.

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the point is netflix is trying to increase costs on their business partners who will then have to increase prices of their customers. customers will hate the ISP but like netflix.

No. The traffic goes like this:

Business/Service Their ISP Your ISP You

It doesn't matter who the business is. The issue is the interconnect between their ISP and your ISP.

Your ISP shouldn't be able to blackmail a Business into paying them, like Comcast did. In that case, Comcast blackmailed NetFlix into peering with them. This turns the above diagram into:

NetFlix Netflix's ISP/Your ISP You

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by the_B0fh (#47436845) Attached to: First Release of LibreSSL Portable Is Available

The OpenBSD group does a number of things. LibreSSL is one of them. They ask for donations to the general fund. If you like, you donate. If you don't, don't donate. OpenBSD runs a lean organization. Everything they do is open sourced and standards driven. And they make it _portable_ correctly.

If you have an axe to grind against them for forking a piece of shit code, take it and shove it.

+ - LibreSSL released!->

Submitted by the_B0fh
the_B0fh (208483) writes "LibreSSL Portable has been released for Linux, Solaris, Mac OS X and FreeBSD. This is a drop-in replacement for OpenSSL, and is written by the team that wrote OpenBSD and OpenSSH which the entire Internet uses. I hope to see LibreSSL take over from OpenSSH.

Donations are appreciated: http://www.openbsdfoundation.o...

Downloads at:"

Link to Original Source

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