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Comment: Nothing New Here (Score 1) 133

by theRiallatar (#37625716) Attached to: Microsoft To Bring Cable TV To 360

This is nothing new - they're already doing this on iOS and on the web. You'll still need to subscribe to cable in order to utilize the programming on the XBOX, much like you must pay Netflix to watch their movies on the Xbox. All they're doing is replacing the Set Top Box / DVR with the Xbox, and for that I'd applaud them - one less energy sucking device on the table is always good, but they won't be cutting out the cable companies in this, just shifting the medium.

Comment: Re:Why really does Apple behave this way? (Score 3, Informative) 432

by theRiallatar (#33415178) Attached to: iPhone App In App Store Limbo Open Sourced
Ironically enough, we have a stack of USB to RS-232 connectors here at the office. You still need them to access the console on most SMB+ firewalls and managed switches from Cisco, 3COM and a variety of other vendors. They still do it because the technology's cheap and when you're doing console, you don't need a lot of bandwidth.

Comment: Re:not enough data (Score 1) 776

by theRiallatar (#31759322) Attached to: Toyota Accelerator Data Skewed Toward Elderly
Exactly my point.

My elderly neighbor, some fifteen years ago, twice argued that her car's brake, when pressed, suddenly caused her car to accelerate rapidly through her own garage door.

My money's not so much on the brake being a problem in this case as it is a confused old lady trying to drive.

If older people are significantly over-represented, and they fit the category I'm describing, it's possibly they're lying and blaming their screw-up on the car's 'known' mechanical problem. You can't expect everyone you survey to be completely truthful.

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