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Submission + - How Many Windows Crashes is Too Many?

theReal-Hp_Sauce writes: I've owned some form of PC nearly all my life, but all of them have come to me used, promptly modified (upgraded), and never with a new copy of Windows on them. This changed last week with my purchase of a new Laptop. From the time I brought it home that night to the time I put it down before sleep I was installing new software, adding bookmarks, testing out games, etc., and during that time I managed to crash it 7 or 8 times.

This to me is just normal Windows activity and I didn't think it was even remotely odd until I mentioned it in passing to my mother who seemed quite surprised and upset that a new computer could be that unstable. At first I blamed it on my tendency to ignore warnings like "we strongly recommend that you close all other programs while running this install" and my willingness to multitask a computer to its limits. Now though, I'm beginning to wonder, is this normal for a Windows XP Media Edition machine? How often do my fellow Slashdot readers Windows machines crash? What is "normal" and "tolerated" and what is extreme when it comes to Microsoft?

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