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I would argue that those who complain here are not eligable to complain to the FTC, due to being in other contries or just in areas not affected by the merge. As for pseudo-government agencies, if done right, they're the best option. Much like the road, power, and water infrastructure, last-mile telecom infrastructure should be handled by a government agency. This prevents the problems seen in the USA where providers settle into comfortable segmented monopolies, both with the physical links, and with the IP level interconnect.

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The difference here is that what facebook did was not testing how the users reacted to a change in their design (with the aim of improving that design in a way), it was to see how they reacted to filtering of their feed content (with the aim of psychological research). While filtering results to see what impact it has on avertising effectiveness could be seen as ok, doing the same just to see how people react is not.

Comment: That niggling feeling that anyone could be lying (Score 1) 462

by thePowersGang (#45605147) Attached to: Gov't Puts Witness On No Fly List, Then Denies Having Done So
I have a feeling that anyone in this case could be either outright lying, or bending the truth. I can't shake the feeling that if Ms Kamal is bending the truth a little here, things will explode quite badly. BUT if it turns out that there is a conspiracy to block her flight then I hope Judge Alsup tears the DHS a new one over it. Even if nobody is bending the truth, and it's either a case of mistaken identity when checking against the no-fly list, or there's another system failure, someone will be getting in a lot of troble for interfering with this trial (if only because the trial about this system, and the system failed to pass a witness to the trial)

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by thePowersGang (#38702510) Attached to: Microsoft Taking Aggressive Steps Against Linux On ARM

The point here is to get the "Made for Windows 8" logo, the OEM must follow these requirements and restrict the boot ROM. If they don't do that, they can't put that sticker on their box.

Whether companies will strive to get that sticker, or not... I don't know, but it is likely enough that this is troubling.

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by thePowersGang (#36646204) Attached to: Calling Out GE's Misleading Data Visualizations
Since the summary is so difficult to understand, the jist of the article is that GE's visualisations (I will not grace them with the title "graph") are completely useless in comparing datasets, and are completely confusing to use. This seems to indicate that GE (like many companies) like to fiddle with the presentation of data to push their agenda. (Shock, Horror!) Sadly, this case is an insult to good design principles and statisticians everywhere.

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Gesture based interfaces are a bit of a mixed bag, if they are done well (see the iOS pinch gestures) they work very well, but if badly implemented you end up accidentally triggering them all the time. Despite the age of the classic "object" based UI designs, they are still the best control method (in most cases), just because you can see what you are doing by what you hit.

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