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+ - The future arrives: robot dragonflies->

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thePowerOfGrayskull writes: "I remember reading a story years ago about a dragonfly-like robot that could be controlled by a human for reconnaissance and other purposes. More recently, Michael Crichton and Richard Preston explored a related concept. But now it seems science-fiction is on its way to becoming reality, with this indie-gogo project from a team out of Georgia Tech. While the project page is light on details — no mention of battery life or range, among other things — it certainly bears watching."
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+ - Some Indiana schools prefer paying for Windows?

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thePowerOfGrayskull writes: "According to this article on CNET a Microsoft-sponsored report has found that six school districts in Indiana are choosing to pay for Windows licenses instead of taking advantage of the low cost linux-based desktops that many other districts are adopting.

From the article:

"The school districts interviewed for this study choose Microsoft solutions because they believe that Microsoft provides reliability, adaptability and a long-term vision for its partners in education," said the IDC report, by analysts James Pettler and Thom Rubel. "Reliability, adaptability and a long-term vision come together to maximize organizational efficiency, the learning experience, and taxpayer investment in education."

Of course, this isn't as significant as it first appears — considering that it's only six out of well over 200 school districts in the state."

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