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Comment: and... (Score 5, Insightful) 72

by Tom (#47435245) Attached to: "Internet's Own Boy" Briefly Knocked Off YouTube With Bogus DMCA Claim

as activists are all too aware, false copyright claims can can knock legitimate content offline.

As not only activists but almost everyone aware of the rampant abuse going on has been claiming for years, it is high time that the "under penalty of perjury" part of the DMCA claims is actually enforced. Mistakes can happen, nobody is perfect, but some companies have been taking down large amounts of content for years, repeatedly and with not even a slap on the wrist.

Comment: Re:hmm I wonder if.... (Score 1) 152

by flyneye (#47430059) Attached to: Hair-Raising Technique Detects Drugs, Explosives On Human Body

I'm betting most explosives, being highly combustible, can be set off with a static charge. Good thing they only worked w/traces. Now they can safely find nutballs with traces of explosives on them. Perhaps it would be best if they tried someone holding a keg of gunpowder, you know, to see if it's safe. Gotta trust degreed men of science, after all they paid a lot to get those degrees. We don't need a trace finder , we need a bomb finder, no matter how many degreed scientists we have to blow up to get one. They should feel honored to serve. GO RESEARCH!!!

Comment: Re:Superman (Score 1) 245

Odd, isn't it? I'm all for IP rights going back to 4 years and then handing it over to the world to promote improvement to mans progress. I'm also closer to being Lex Luthor, than Superman, some will attest.
D.C. and their lawyers should eat shit, die , be dipped headfirst in shit for the rest of their stay in hell.
Morally, ethically, we should make just as much noise as we can and be irritating to the point of torturous.
Let then know how you feel in the most descriptive action filled language you can muster.
That IS what feedback is all about.

Comment: Re: Two sides to every issue (Score 4, Interesting) 401

by Octorian (#47396019) Attached to: No Shortage In Tech Workers, Advocacy Groups Say

With many of these odd job descriptions you speak of, I suspect many of them are cases where said company has already identified the specific individual they want to get an H-1B visa for. So this is essentially a copy of their unique resume. They just need to publicly post the job to fulfill a legal requirement before they can get them the visa.

Comment: Re:Newsblur (Score 1) 132

by Octorian (#47388147) Attached to: Google Reader: One Year Later

I've been quite happy with NewsBlur as well. The only area it falls short for me, is that it doesn't update its feeds anywhere near as quickly as Google Reader did. Some are worse than others, too.

So for the usual stuff, its mostly fine. But whenever a blog announces some livestream event, the post doesn't appear until an hour after its over.

Comment: Re:I won't upgrade. (Score 1) 669

HP don't seem to have ditched Windows 8 in the UK, at least not for consumer machines you buy in stores. (Source: Multiple friends and family have recently been in the market for laptops and we looked at several HP models via multiple suppliers. I can't comment on what their on-line or business sales are doing right now though.)

Comment: Re:One solution (Score 1) 219

by flyneye (#47358699) Attached to: Facebook's Emotion Experiment: Too Far, Or Social Network Norm?

Yeah, I started out hoping for some success and popularity of the service, slowly the sound of crickets got louder and louder as G+ was abandoned like a ghost ship adrift on a smelly ocean. It seems to be functional for the operation of features of my android phone, but nothing useful really, for socializing.

Comment: Re:Sounds about right... (Score 1) 441

by flyneye (#47358685) Attached to: Researchers Claim Wind Turbine Energy Payback In Less Than a Year

Yeah, I've seen that one. The big one locally is "Citizens for prosperity" telling people that wind/solar will drive up the cost of electricity if we allow them to be built. What it really means is; Kochs will raise the cost of electricity to benefit themselves and stockholders as their profits drop from coal/nuke production and they have to purchase from outside sources as mandated by many states. They seem to have fooled Oklahoma, but Kansans caught on to their grift and outed their undercover "Citizens" scam.

Comment: Re:Sounds about right... (Score 1) 441

by flyneye (#47358667) Attached to: Researchers Claim Wind Turbine Energy Payback In Less Than a Year

Well, I only blame the Kochs , because they are behind legislation to soak money off green power to enhance their Coal/Nuclear fueled wallets at expense to the consumer, thus having cake and eating it too. Their "Citizens for Prosperity" ads, run barely anonymously amounted to pure fucking lies aimed at conning the public.

So don't put solar panels where the sun doesn't shine, you'll sit more comfortably....

Two turbines? Sounds more like someones hobby than a wind farm......

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