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Comment: Facebook is G+'s best advertising (Score 1) 40

If Facebook keeps driving people away, maybe one day G+ will be more than an also-ran.

Facebook was making me hate people I thought I knew. G+ makes me hate people I don't know, yes, but it also makes me like people I don't know, so that's still infinitely superior to facebook.

Comment: Re:Learn to read (Score 1) 299

by drinkypoo (#49610207) Attached to: Two Gunman Killed Outside "Draw the Prophet" Event In Texas

"I am in no way defending either the loud xenophobic fascist Wilders or anyone that wants to take a shot at him.",

Saying that doesn't make it true, and it isn't. By saying that they shouldn't have done what they did, you are blaming the victim. Thus, you are defending the actions of the gunmen, by placing blame on the victims. Stop it, because you're really being an offensive piece of shit and we must either ignore you or respond aggressively to your failure to defend the first amendment.

Comment: Re:tip of the iceberg (Score 1) 299

by drinkypoo (#49610199) Attached to: Two Gunman Killed Outside "Draw the Prophet" Event In Texas

Did Charlie Hebdo engage in deliberately pissing on someone's beliefs?

Yes. And that specific right must be protected or freedom of speech is lost. The right to mock an idea is probably the second-most important right in the category of ideas, just after the right to have them and just before the right to espouse them.

Comment: Re:tip of the iceberg (Score 1) 299

by drinkypoo (#49610191) Attached to: Two Gunman Killed Outside "Draw the Prophet" Event In Texas

Then join with me in BBQ pig in a synagogue.

That is a stupid thing to say in one way, and an insightful thing to say in another. The radical Islamics consider the whole world their temple, and it doesn't matter where you do the things they don't want you to do, they reserve the right to murder you for it. So it's a stupid thing to say because this wasnt done in anyone's temple, and it's an insightful thing to say because it doesn't matter if you do it in their temple, they'll try to kill you for it anyway.

I'd make them have their international trollfest way out in the desert so bystanders don't get killed if someone takes the bait.

That's because you do not believe in the first amendment or freedom of speech, and so you can safely shut up now because nobody sane or interested in building a better society is interested in what you have to say.

Comment: Re:Don't Have to Try Very Hard at All (Score 1) 299

by drinkypoo (#49610183) Attached to: Two Gunman Killed Outside "Draw the Prophet" Event In Texas

There you go, apparently Good Christian Values can lead to peoples violent deaths also.. I guess all Christians must also be murderous bastards?

Christianity is also a religion which needs to be stamped out, over time. But there was a time when it was killing people for their beliefs, or on that excuse, and it had to be reined in. This has happened, so now we can move on to Islam, which is the current largest problem in religion.

Unless we label them all.....

Fine with me, but just realize that they're not going to all get the same labels. It's a fact that not all religions are identical, one of which you should not need reminding.

Comment: Re: The Perfect Bait (Score 1) 299

by drinkypoo (#49610169) Attached to: Two Gunman Killed Outside "Draw the Prophet" Event In Texas

It's not so strange that some cultures still think that way and provoking them won't help.

Of course it will. It will help us find the craziest members so we can shoot them, before they shoot us. And the sad thing is that this isn't even fucking hyperbole. It's the gospel truth, it's fact, it was illustrated right here.

Comment: Re:Yes!!! (Score 1) 299

by drinkypoo (#49610163) Attached to: Two Gunman Killed Outside "Draw the Prophet" Event In Texas

This made my day, the event, the turn out for the event, the gunmen stupid enough to draw a weapon in Garland Texas (bit of a rough place if you didn't know).

Yes, that is what I came to say. Showing up as a wild gunman at a political event in Texas is like showing up as a naked sorority girl at a frat party... in Texas.

Comment: Re:Time (Score 4, Interesting) 158

by drinkypoo (#49608483) Attached to: Tesla's Household Battery: Costs, Prices, and Tradeoffs

I think electric vehicles will start showing up at the unexpected places.

I think the place they will dominate first (and next, I guess) is motorcycles. The only thing missing from most current electric motorcycles is top speed. Most people don't ride long distances on them, so it's an ideal kind of vehicle to hit next.

Comment: Re:human overpopulation (Score 1) 130

by Kjella (#49608117) Attached to: Empty Landscape Looms, If Large Herbivores Continue to Die Out

Essentially, we need Africa to become more economically developed as soon as possible, and when that happens, it's almost certain that they'll follow the same trends that we've seen in happen in other developed countries: stabilizing populations and more serious efforts to protect their natural resources and environment. Unfortunately, we can only encourage these countries to protect their natural assets, but there's really nothing we can do short of that.

1. Well large land animals are an important source of tourism. Tourism is a huge source of income for many poor countries in Africa, like for example it's 12% of the GDP in Kenya. Most governments want to protect them and is willing to accept aid, it's individuals that want to poach them for personal gain. Which basically means they'll take funding, equipment, personnel, anything you're willing to give really. Granted, they'll probably not care so much about CO2 emissions or whatever. Then again, neither do Americans.
2. The reason the poachers are being so successful is because they're well funded from abroad, they're not fighting against the poor man in the street but heavy criminals propped up by first world technology. We can do a lot to try cutting off this supply, catch the smuggling, prosecuting the buyers, tear down the organizations and so on. It's organized crime, just not in a shape we see much of in the western world.

Comment: Re:bad statistics (Score 2) 202

by Kjella (#49606387) Attached to: Chrome Passes 25% Market Share, IE and Firefox Slip

Maybe because Net Applications is the only counter that tries to correct for known skewed sampling. Net Applications uses CIA internet usage data (how much of the population in each country has access to the Internet) to estimate absolute numbers for each country based on the measures distribution and the "Internet" population number. Net Applications is perfectly honest and upfront about this.

And yet if I look at StatCounter's map function, showing the leading browser in each country Chrome leads in most of the world. IE only leads in Japan, South Korea, Swaziland (pop. 1.1mio), Greenland (pop. 55000) and Antarctica (5000 visitors). Firefox has a few strongholds like Germany, Indonesia, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Iran and a bunch of countries in Africa, but the only place IE is ahead of Chrome in second place is Iran (pop. 78mio). With Chrome winning on walkover in Europe, South America, North America, Africa and Oceania and taking massive wins in China, India and Russia I don't see how any possible weighting of StatCounter's numbers would put IE on top.

Comment: Re:More like to his own parents (Score 3, Interesting) 158

Without skullduggery, we would know Bill Gates as "that embedded BASIC guy". And there would be nothing wrong with that, either. It would certainly be better than "headed corporation convicted of deliberate anti-trust actions", although he certainly is spending a lot of money to Rockefeller his way into a cushier spot in the history books.

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