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Comment: Re:Useless money pit (Score 5, Insightful) 158

The problem is that there's no actual use for people in space, so the practice is useless too.

As far as anyone can tell, there's no actual use for people here, unless you count self-propagation, pollution, and destruction. But any bacteria can do those things.

Comment: Re:Great news for OSS (Score 1) 39

by drinkypoo (#48683971) Attached to: Phoronix Lauds AMD's Open Source Radeon Driver Progress For 2014

I will welcome them when the drivers reach parity and they scrub the commercial driver, until then I've been burned too many times by ATI to even consider one of their GPUs. Not literally, either, just continual wrestling with shit drivers.

I'm told they've gotten better, but I've got no reason to change

Comment: Re:Or you could avoid posting the pictures (Score 1) 192

by drinkypoo (#48683961) Attached to: Facebook Apologizes For 'Year In Review' Photos

You do realize that until the point where his daughter died, he very much wanted to see the photos and share them, right? You're essentially asking for a grieving father to go through his entire photo collection and mark his daughter's photos as "don't show this". That's in no way a solution.

The solution is not to pretend that bad things don't happen. It's for our society to grow up and learn to accept that they do, and learn to take care of one another. If your daughter dies next year, at the end of the year, will you pretend it didn't happen? Someone with a happier year would have a happier year in review.

People are confused by Facebook, it's just life with more ads.

Comment: Re:How about mandatory felony sentences instead? (Score 1, Informative) 255

by drinkypoo (#48683949) Attached to: Drunk Drivers in California May Get Mandated Interlock Devices

Getting convictions is hard, cycling through people is a lot easier. And having to get to work without a car gets the message across,

This is a side effect of our nation being built around the car. In most U.S. cities, let alone in the suburbs, trying to exist without an automobile is at best isolating and will often lead to loss of opportunity. Potential employers judge you in part by your car, and if you don't have one they may well decide that they can't expect you to get to work reliably.

Since you reasonably need a car to participate in our society, driving should be a right and the focus should be on helping people defeat alcoholism. That, however, would require that someone act like they care about that person, and by and large we don't actually give one fuck about one another. We just don't want people inconveniencing us on our way home from work.

Or, and here's a novel idea, we could restore our public transportation systems to the track they were on when the auto companies destroyed them. Then our society could easily absorb the cost of taking driving privileges away from people, since they could still reasonably function in their daily lives, and the debate over whether it's right to terminate people's driving rights would be a much simpler one because it wouldn't interfere with their human rights.

TL;DR: We intentionally rebuilt our society around the car, you can't just take away people's driving privileges because without treating them as rights our society doesn't work.

Comment: Re:How about mandatory felony sentences instead? (Score 0) 255

by drinkypoo (#48683935) Attached to: Drunk Drivers in California May Get Mandated Interlock Devices

But in Oz you have functional public health. In the USA, if you lose your job, you lose any functional health insurance you might have had. The kind I can buy with my own money doesn't have any available doctors taking new patients, just like when I last had health insurance before Obamacare. I literally cannot get anything but lackluster emergency care in my county.

Comment: Re: who cares how many children (Score 1) 208

by drinkypoo (#48683921) Attached to: AirAsia Flight Goes Missing Between Indonesia and SIngapore

No. Children are underdeveloped and require a considerable amount of investment before they create value. Compared to adults where the investment has already been made and who now cannot pay it back, children are worth less.

Children have potential and with considerable investment may create value, compared to adults who have already proven that they lack potential and will never do anything more significant in their lifetime than pollute.

Comment: Re:Don't Order From Slashdot Deals (Score 1) 65

Well since we haven't invented human cloning yet - though I can't wait to hear Bennet Haselton's opinion on the matter - that should be the one and only right? I'll take all four pairs of headphones, delivery to the galaxy known as KKs3. Warp speed delivery please, that'll be 7 million years of blissful silence before his radio signals reach earth.

Comment: Re:the obligatory.... (Score 1) 39

by Kjella (#48682759) Attached to: Phoronix Lauds AMD's Open Source Radeon Driver Progress For 2014

Does this mean it's official? 2015 is The Year of the Linux Desktop?

My crystal ball might be a little wonky, but I'm pretty sure that 2015 is not the year of the AMD desktop whether they run Linux or not. I suspect Q4 is going to be another bloody quarter for AMD, apart from the console sales they haven't had any killer CPUs/GPUs for the holidays. So if YotLD happens, I suspect their Linux drivers had very little to do with it.

Comment: Re:shocker (Score 4, Insightful) 192

by Kjella (#48682535) Attached to: Facebook Apologizes For 'Year In Review' Photos

Well you don't have to be a psychic to know what he's thinking: "How can we get our hands on some more metadata so we show users photos they want to remember?" Do you know what marketers did when they started getting too good at recognizing changes in shopping patterns like women being pregnant and consumers felt it was creepy? They made coupons with anti-offers, like next to the baby gear they were trying to sell you they'd put a lawn mower. That way users felt it was random and then it was okay. Besides that'd probably tie in well with their advertising, what mood you're in is probably very related to what ads you're susceptible to at the moment.

Comment: Re:The only negative reviews are coming from... (Score 1) 250

by drinkypoo (#48682257) Attached to: The Interview Bombs In US, Kills In China, Threatens N. Korea

Anyway, you just need to filter the idiot reviewers from the ones that understand what genre they're reviewing.

You mean, movies for idiots. Which suggests the question, who are these movies for? I mean, if you have to be an idiot to enjoy them, but idiots are panning them...

Comment: So they're actually getting dumber? (Score 1) 250

by drinkypoo (#48682247) Attached to: The Interview Bombs In US, Kills In China, Threatens N. Korea

When I was a kid, we read reviews, we had a free paper and we used it. Now you have so many options for free reviews that the hardest part is deciding which one you like the best, and kids don't read reviews any more?

Either you're off your nut, or kids are actually getting dumber.

Comment: Re:Huh (Score 1) 246

by drinkypoo (#48682235) Attached to: Newest Stealth Fighter's Ground Attack Sensors 10 Years Behind Older Jets

Yeah, I get the in universe explanation, what I question is why this was an issue in the first place.

Because 'mech weapons generate heat, mostly, and ammo takes up a lot of space. The omnimechs and their weapons were designed for modularity. Ask yourself whether we have any vehicles onto which you could rapidly mount a GAU-8 that aren't an A-10...

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