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Comment Troubling? (Score 1) 305 305

No, it was troubling ten years ago when I was watching software engineers being shown the door at Lexmark while their H1B replacements were taking their place before the chairs had a chance to get cold. I lasted another 4 years before my position met the same fate.

Comment No thanks. (Score 1) 722 722

I commute about a thousand miles a week, mostly rural thank goodness and I still enjoy driving. Still work on my own cars too. Robot cars? No thanks.

But for the other screwball drivers out there who seem to have the attention span of a fruit fly, I hope they all adopt the system, and soon. From what I've observed over the past several years, it would seem most cars are already driverless.

Comment Re: Are you F*cking kidding me!!! (Score 1) 195 195

Bull. The kids in Cebu who got our jobs at Lexmark (Lexington, KY campus) not only got sub-par wages but also got paid in rice. We all saw the material when it was forwarded to us by mistake the last week we were there. The whole H1B Visa program is rotten to the core.

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