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Comment Re:Musk isn't going to Mars (Score 1) 103

He may not be able to afford a Saturn V, but that's not what he plans to use, he plans to use multi-launch mission using reusable Falcon 9 Heavy. Everything he has done this far suggests he is able to build it. I am not saying he can't fail, but at this point it takes too many unsupported and ill-informed assumptions to just say he isn't going to do it. This is getting a little bit old to be honest. First it was the main engine. Musk isn't going to develop and/or build one. Look at how much NASA spent developing F1! There is no bussiness case for that! Then it was Falcon and reaching orbit. Musk isn't going to develop and build one! At best it's going to end with huge fireball! Look at how NASA spent on putting things into orbit! Musk isn't going to deliver cargo to ISS! Look at how much NASA spent developing rendezvous and docking technology! He can't afford that or build that!. Give me a break. It was never guaranteed that was going to succeed and it still isn't. And I understand that you people may not be his fans. But it would be great if you could, for once, learn the difference between you not wishing that he succeeds and him actually not having chance.

Comment Riiight.... (Score 1) 568

So a "GAME DESIGNER" is questioning the profesionality of software engineers. Is there no one who sees the absurdity of that? And to answer the question: no. Not all people who write software are software engineers. You should only call software engineers software engineers. The fact that Google docs go down now and then doesn't make software engineers not engineers. But using it as an argument proves you don't know what you're talking about, because apparently you know nothing about the complexity of the infrastructure that is necessary to keep something like Google Docs up and running. None of its software parts need to fail in order for the service the stop working. But hey, you're just a "GAME " DESIGNER"".

Comment Re: Must be public pressure in Europe. (Score 1) 210

Right, its neither gulag nor concentration camp. Lots of people made it out of them alive. Note that every major power in WW II had concentration camps (US used them for people of Japanese heritage) and many of them, including some in Third Reich, had better conditions than Gitmo. Look, you made the comparison.

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