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Comment What do you do when you think there is a bomb (Score 1) 662

I don't get any of this. Any school I ever was in got evacuated if there was even slightest suspicion that there is anything explosive inside and a bomb squad got called in. This school just carried on with the classes while the boy was locked in a room with his clock. So these "erring on the side of the cation" arguments must be wrong too.

Comment Makes sense (Score 5, Insightful) 261

Boy sends a naked picture to a girl, gets a record. She then sends the picture to host of other people with the clear intent to hurt the boy, but that's fine. How was he distributing the picture and she wasn't? That's just... exactly how the world works. Carry on.

Comment Doxxing? You've learned a new word, haven't you? (Score 2) 467

So are journalism and police investigation or public courts doxxing too? Basically if you're not allowed to break law anonymously, you're being doxxed, yes? Seems to me the discussion is ignoring basic facts: those trolls broke the law. If the law was enforced the way it is supposed to, they would likely end up in criminal court (I am not american, but I am assuming it is not legal to threaten someone with rape over there). Then suspension would have been the least of their worries. Some here said the "punishment" was disproportionate. As opposed to what? If he didn't do nothing or went to the police (same thing), then how proportionate would the punishment be then? Also what do you suppose would happen if they threaten his daughter in public. Would they be suspended then? Do they deserve some sort protection because they did it over the internet? Please. No, what he did was awful. But I don't see any of the other outcomes being better. Its just that any other course of action wouldn't rock the boat so much and that's what we've always hated.

Comment Re: It's bullshit, but it's the same bullshit as (Score 1) 192

I agree. What I was trying to say is Google adding ads to email is not the same as a cable TV adding ads to a letter with a bill. In one case, it is the sender adding ads (perfectly OK from civil rights point of view), in the other it is the delivery service itself modyfing mail that should have been confident (the opposite of perfectly OK). Perhaps just a rhetoric detail though.

Comment Re: Hmm (Score 4, Insightful) 81

Really? So how many space contractors can deliver payload to ISS at this moment? SpaceX isn't doing anything better than all those that can't? And how many contractors can deliver a kilogram of payload to the orbit for a comparable price to SpaceX? I get that some people may be sick all the adoration SpaceX is getting lately, but that's not a good excuse for ignoring the reality and substituting your own.

Comment Re: It's bullshit, but it's the same bullshit as u (Score 1) 192

That is bad analogy. The postal service would have to do that. In that case, all bets would be off, because if its OK for postal service to open the mail, then it is certainly OK for the government to do so. Whether its OK for them to do that if its actually Irish mail is a different question...

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