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Comment Re:Maybe it's just who we are... (Score 1) 394

Or maybe coding is something that when women try to get involved they discover they are unwelcome. There's the one guy who's just a dick to women. There's one who hasn't washed since 2004. There's one who has to one-up everything she says. There's several who have to hit on her because she's the only woman they get to talk to.

Sounds like the company needs better management.

Comment Re:My view of this (Score 1) 662

That the support for Ahmed the Clockmaker was shown as a way to show Muslims that not all Americans are stereotyping racist yokels.

That is several stereotypes: all Americans are racists, all Yokels are non-Muslim, Muslims are not American. Stereotypes themselves are not inherently racist, they're generalities based on characteristics that among others may include ethnicity and national origin. Birds can fly, Basketball players are tall, the French are mean etc. A racist makes judgments on based exclusively on ethnicity. It's evident by the previous response, and unlike the other poster, that Muslims aren't from specific racial backgrounds. Unless $religion is tied to a specific ethnic group, it cannot be argued as racist. Not to mention people wouldn't be able to convert to it. There's a very big difference between discrimination based on what people intrinsically are, and discrimination based on sets of ideas that people sign up to.

Hatred of specific religions, racism, it's all bigotry. And most people aren't bigots. Fortunately, the ones that are like to shout it from the rooftops. It makes them easy to spot.

Couldn't agree more, although I'd expand specific to all, and not all bigotry is hatred.

tl;dr some racists are also anti-Muslim, anti-Muslim != racist. Muslim is sometimes used as a shorthand for middle-eastern brown people; the ones who aren't jews (who are all white, of course). Confusion stems from implicit code for "those brown guys" vs people who believe Allah is God.

Comment Re:My view of this (Score 1) 662

Then why do all the Charlie Hebdo cartoons of Muslims always portray them as brown-skinned Arabs? Why do all the far-right cartoon blogs only portray Muslims as dark-skinned and Middle-Eastern?

Stereotypes perhaps? And we all know how sound those are :) Is it your perception that Muslims are exclusively brown or black? Jews white? All Christians white and brown? I'm tempted to compile some photos and have you tell me what religion they are. Take this man for example, based on his skin color, what would you say he is?

We're talking about racists here. Don't expect them to fact-check their hatred.

Indeed. I'm hoping my arguments aren't being misconstrued as support of these lazy folk. More to the point, you may be referring exclusively to racists, this other person said anyone who whines about $religion is racist. BS.

Comment Re:My view of this (Score 1) 662

All racists have intellectual justifications for their racism.

The absolutism sounds like Yoda speaking about Sith and I highly doubt that, people are lazy and don't like to even think. Religion isn't a trait that someone is born with and cannot change. It's a lie to suggest that religions correlate to skin colors, Islam, Christianity et al have followers of all types. If fear of an ideology rendered one racist, all those who fear conservatism or liberalism should be considered racist. Is the faulty logic not apparent?

Islamophobes pretend their prejudice against people is merely criticism of a religion, then act all offended when someone calls them out on their slight of hand.

That may very well be the case concerning bigots (bigots gonna' bigot), however the post specifically stated anyone whining about $religion is racist. Is the creator of Piss Christ now a racist? The slight of hand that's occurring the false equivalence of religion and skin color. The fact remains that the term "Islamophobia" has one purpose - to suppress any criticism, legitimate or not, of Islam. Certainly one can see how fundamentally important criticism of religion is historically. This issue isn't about Islamophobia, it's about zero tolerance. (My emphasis):

Did he intend it to look like a bomb? I don't know. It does not look like one to me. It did NOT look like a bomb to the police or teachers either or they would panicked, maybe have an evacuation drill, and they would not have kept a possible-bomb around. What they thought was that the kid intended it to be a hoax bomb, which the kid denied, and they arrested him and against Texas law did not have his parents present. The school wanted him to sign a "confession" without his parents present.

It sounds like a big case of the police and school assuming the kid did something wrong, not having any solid proof of any of it, then just wanting to send a big message with the hand cuffs and perp walk. The kid is supposed to learn the lesson to not stand out, keep curiosity in check, go play football when the urge to study strikes. All hail zero tolerance, keeping our kids safe and stupid for a decade.

Comment Re:My view of this (Score 1) 662

The memo says this has been obvious to anyone paying a modicum of attention. Because anyone whining about Christians is invariably thinking of people of Caucasian descent, or Hispanic. And thus, racist.

Being critical of a religion isn't racist - these ideologies have no shortage of self loathing and righteous aggrievement. Yokels aside, equating detractors to racists is wicked nonsense.

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