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Submission + - TPP would force ISPs to block filesharing sites .. (vice.com)

An anonymous reader writes: 'internet service providers must "remove or disable access" to content upon “becoming aware” of a decision by a court that says the content infringes copyright.'

Submission + - Marco Rubio is proposing for increase in H-1B visa numbers (jobsog.com)

jobsogcareers writes: Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio is proposing for increase in H-1B visa numbers. He said there is a huge deficient of skill professional and US is on huge restructuring of the economy. Talking on improvement of legal immigration system Rubio said that anyone professional working here would like to be a permanent member than being on a temporary basis. Citizenship should be considered on merit basis , this has given hopes for many Indian who are awaiting for their Green Card. Present law is 65,000 H-1B grant and additional 20000 visas for people who has completed their education under STEM subjects.

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