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Comment: Do these guys look for new ways to get sued? (Score 1) 54

by the white plague (#27021737) Attached to: <em>City of Heroes</em> Mission Creator Explained
I mean this is a cool idea and all, but it seems like any quest that could be considered a rip-off of a comic book plot could be another invitation for Marvel to sue. And with 60 years or so of comic books it's not likely that any story, even one that is an *entirely* original creation, will have great similarity to something, somewhere, in that massive pile.

Comment: Re:Thunderbird Public Service Announcement (Score 1) 209

by the white plague (#26971585) Attached to: Outage Knocks Gmail Offline For Many Users
Many years ago I used telnet (and then an except script I hacked into mutt) to access hotmail via raw imap commands. Calendar and folder commands where accessible via (mostly) standard protocol.

Maybe they explicitly removed support for standards since then, but that's kind of aggressive foolishness seems unlikely. But I've always been surprised by the lengths people will go to in pursuit of fucking idiocy.

Comment: Re:You mean... (Score 5, Insightful) 420

by the white plague (#26734793) Attached to: Users' Admin Logins Make Most Windows Malware Worse
Anecdotal evidence sucks.

Yes, but the user experience is what counts. All it takes is one video game to pitch a fit that it doesn't have admin privileges and hundreds of thousands of users have learned the lesson "just run as admin, it's less bother". The last couple months Fallout3 has been the popular game of the moment teaching users that security is painful to use.

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