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Comment Re:Not Dead on Arrival (Score 1) 260

I'm not excusing AT&T in the slightest. I'm a VZW customer and have been for over a decade.

I'm not even a Blackberry user (Though I used to be, and I do occasionally miss the superior email handling and BBM) -- It's just that creating a device that relies on tethering, which most providers charge extra for, if they allow it at all, to do *what people will probably do most* is ridiculous.

Comment Re:It's the best version of Windows I've used so f (Score 1) 770

For games that would run in WINE, I did so. World of Warcraft in particular, as I nominally prefer a *NIX based environment (this same desktop has in its history been a dedicated Ubuntu box, a Hackintosh, and a Vista/Ubuntu dual boot) -- maybe "gaming desktop" was a misnomer. It's really my sandbox machine that gets wiped every so often and is the most often used box in the house.

Generally speaking, I like to use the right tool for the job. Work desktop? Ubuntu/XFCE. Dedicated server? Debian. HTPC? Mac Mini running Boxee. Home file server? Ubuntu Server. Laptop? Dualboot Win7/Ubuntu (for when I'm working remotely)

I'm satisfied enough with Windows 7 that I made it my "primary use" OS, though I'm considering going back to the Hackintosh with a dual boot.

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