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Comment: Re:best to do the time in Poland (Score 2) 110

What "Time"? These are Corporate Executives. When they break the law their company pays cash. Jail is the legal system for people who dont have enough money to pay Government Fines.

Sooo.... They will pay a bribe to settle charges of bribery?

Who do they think they are? Bernie Ecclestone?

Comment: Re:What I'd like to see... (Score 5, Informative) 298

by the real darkskye (#42230683) Attached to: Valve's 'Steam Box' Console Is Real, Says Gabe Newell

We already have Ubuntu variants which boot straight to an application (XMBCbuntu), and use the official repos for updates.
Chances are someone will mix up a Steamuntu, even if its not officially supported by Valve but gets all the official Ubuntu updates.

From what I can tell of the beta Linux Steam client, its responsible for its own updates rather than adding a new repository (like Google Chrome does) and relying on the user to keep their OS up to date.

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