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Comment Re:Kills Twilight Hack, Temporarially (Score 1) 94 94

I would imagine it is part of the standard boiler to cover their ass in court. They guarantee that the Wii will work with official software with the Nintendo seal of quality and all that. Once you use stuff that they did not make or approve, you are on your own. If you break something, it is your own fault.

Comment Re:All the more reason not to buy an ipod/phone (Score 1) 453 453

The Creative player I owned had a proprietary AV-Out, no replacable battery, no flash reader, the USB port was proprietary, and the DC plug may have been relatively non-proprietary but I never saw a universal adapter with the proper voltage or the exactly proper sized plug.


Submission + - Microsoft discontinues DRM support for MSN Music->

the kostya writes: "MSN Music closed down 18 months ago. Since then, Microsoft has had to maintain DRM key servers. Microsoft has had enough. Starting August 31, any music that was purchased will become unmovable. Though the user will still be able to listen to the music on their PC, they will no longer be able to transfer it. Microsoft recommends burning the music to a CD and ripping it to remove the DRM"
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