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Comment: Re:When I hear "I work 60 hours a week"... (Score 1) 717

by the grace of R'hllor (#46261999) Attached to: Your 60-Hour Work Week Is Not a Badge of Honor

In the 1800s we also sent toddlers into chimneys and down mines because they were small.

You're an idiot. But if you're happy with yourself, who am I to poop on your parade? Enjoy yourself.

I work 36 hours a week, and am looking to drop down a bit. Friday afternoons I'm with my friends, having a life. I do sports in the evenings before dinner. I spend much of my free time working on my hobbies, getting good at them and enjoying the hell out of them. This makes enough money for the company I work at for them to want to pay me, for me to pay for the things I want. Sure, there's lots of other work, housekeeping related, helping friends or neighbors, but that's just life.

Sacrificing that life so you can provide 'value' for someone else? No thanks.

Comment: Re:Dont do anyone any favors (Score 1) 644

by the grace of R'hllor (#46065765) Attached to: Court Says Craigslist Sperm Donor Must Pay Child Support

Poverty is relative.

Apparently there were 1.5 million households (including 2.8 million children) in the US living on less than $2 a day before government assistance. That's not 46 million, but still quite a lot, and actual poverty. That said, the US government maintains that poverty is not having enough money to clothe, feed and house yourself. And that's quite a few people.

Comment: Re:In all honesty (Score 1) 263

"R&D is the cost of doing business. It should never be passed on the customer."

Uhm, absolutely ALL costs are passed on to the consumer, otherwise you're operating a business at a loss.

An example:
Right. So I spend my life's savings. I build a smart thing, and show a compelling reason why it works. You want it. So I sell it, at a price that will replenish my life's savings and make me some money, ie materials cost + R&D cost offset + profit.

Then Eve comes along, sees my idea, figures out how it works by spending a few afternoons tinkering, since she has a working prototype at marginal cost. She has no R&D costs, and can immediately start undercutting me.

You don't give a monkey's toss who made it, so you buy from Eve, and I end up poorer than I was for being foolish enough to invent something.

Knowing this in advance, I'll save myself from researching it and making myself poorer.

With patent law, I know I have, say, 12 years to make money off the patent. So I know that if I spend $12000 on R&D, I need to make at least $1000/yr margin just to break even from sales, plus some actual profit. If I license the tech out to Alice, Bob and Carol, and I don't want to set up manufacturing, I can license it for $4000 and be in the clear and still sell the product. Each of them has an R&D investment of $4000, so the product becomes cheaper (in a more crowded marketplace).

Comment: Re:Dont do anyone any favors (Score 3, Insightful) 644

by the grace of R'hllor (#46054929) Attached to: Court Says Craigslist Sperm Donor Must Pay Child Support

First of all, the extreme wealth inequality in your country means that 46 million people are living in poverty. People are using food stamps for fuck's sake, and it's not even actual war time. Using money as a reason to not live a life is hardly realistic.

Second of all, as far as I can tell the parents aren't the ones fucking over the donor, it's the state of Kansas.

Thirdly... I got nothing, you're right on that one.

Comment: Re:In all honesty (Score 1) 263

Patents work, and are necessary for research.

If Samsung spends $10 billion researching holographic displays, and all their competitors could just then reverse engineer the technology and build their own devices with holographic technology, then no one will ever have incentive to work out a way to get it done. Except for the 'cool' factor, but the 'cool' factor doesn't gather $10 billion in support unless a US president sets it as a goal and makes room in a governmental budget.

Comment: Re:A Monumentally Stupid Idea (Score 1) 489

by the grace of R'hllor (#45756837) Attached to: Goodbye, California? Tim Draper Proposes a 6-Way Split

Lacking a fundamental skill in society and then basing your political system on requiring that skill does not seem a winning strategy.

Small government cares about local people, and can represent them. Centralized government of hundreds of millions is incapable of effective government.

Comment: Re:Allow me to burn som Karma by saying (Score 1) 489

by the grace of R'hllor (#45756799) Attached to: Goodbye, California? Tim Draper Proposes a 6-Way Split

Well yes, we here in Europe have fought the occasional war. Because we are actually different countries, with cultural differences. Which is why several European countries that had been asked to vote on the EU Constitution in a referendum voted no (France, Ireland and the Netherlands). Obviously, in the end we all signed it, and now we have essentially a federal government.

Our next war will be a civil war.

Comment: Re: I think that's a wasted opportunity (Score 1) 86

by the grace of R'hllor (#45560313) Attached to: Sebastian Thrun Pivots Udacity Toward Vocational Education

Agreed. And if you can't do any project on your own, from your own house, without having to see people for three months straight, you're just a slacker.

We value collaboration in the workplace, because it allows us to do great things. We should also value collaboration in institutes of higher learning.

Comment: Re:Hail to the uninformed (Score 1) 194

by the grace of R'hllor (#45518259) Attached to: Make Way For "Mutant" Crops As GM Foods Face Opposition

... well shit. Cursory research to fix knowledge that "everybody knew YEARS ago already" is not in the preview button for a comment.

There actually WAS a court case that was predicated on this point, where a farmer claimed cross pollination happened. It turns out he had sprayed roundup on a patch of crops near a farmer's field that did have "Roundup Ready" plants growing. So he knowingly attempted to get the seeds without paying for them. The court found he had been attempting to use their patented seed illegitimately, but he didn't have to pay anything because the benefit obtained was too insubstantial. So, similar, but there actually WAS nefarious intent on the part of the farmer.

Also, some farmers have sued Monsanto over the same thing happening (Roundup Ready crops out-competing non-RR crops), although I'm not sure on the status of that.

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