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Comment: Re:And less than four years later... (Score 4, Interesting) 203

by the eric conspiracy (#47494921) Attached to: Apollo 11 Moon Landing Turns 45

It won't be long before the 12 human beings to walk on the moon are dead. Already we are down 8. Soon there will be no living person who has walked on another world.

I wonder if time will show this period to be the high water mark of the human race. With all the existential threats facing us it could work out this way.

Comment: Re:Drug use versus crime (Score 1) 472

It's very unlikely that the different crime would be as rewarding financially.

The current situation results in huge flows of money into criminal organizations to the point where it destabilizes governments and funds massive corruption. Particularly in South and Central America.

One of the major items in the current news is the flood of children from central america into the US. What is the root cause of this? The flow of money from the US to drug cartels in their countries of origin.

Fix the drug problem in the United States and the flood of drug money to these criminals will dry up. It's very unlikely they will be able to find anything nearly as lucrative.

Comment: Not any more. (Score 1) 499

I do not use onboard computer DACs. Never found one that I liked.

Yes I am insanely fussy about sound quality compared to most folks.

It used to be that I would get a sound card in order to get digital sound out. SPDIF so I could run it through a nice external DAC (typical good ones cost about $1K and up.).

Nowadays that isn't needed any more. Integrated sound almost always comes with SPDIF out, and most external DACs have USB capability. So I don't need sound cards to get the sound into my DAC these days.

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