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Comment: Re:Taxing consumption is archaic. (Score 1) 832

by the eric conspiracy (#48160311) Attached to: Bill Gates: Piketty's Attack on Income Inequality Is Right

It's very difficult for me to see how you could make a consumption tax progressive enough to result in overall progressive taxation when there are people with 10s of billions in financial assets walking around.

Their personal consumption rates are in the fractions of a percent of their income, not say 80% like an upper middle class person.

Ultimately I think the current taxation system is reasonable IF some of the egregious loopholes are closed - particularly the carried interest and in the area of estate taxation.

Comment: Re:Parallels exist in animals (Score 0, Troll) 87

In traditional societies your children would take care of you in old age.

Maybe if we got away from this nuclear family bullshit parents would pay more attention to their children because the return on investment would once again be important to them.

Comment: Re:Meh (Score 1) 283

by the eric conspiracy (#48116677) Attached to: Tesla Announces Dual Motors, 'Autopilot' For the Model S

You are assuming there are conveniently placed superchargers. The general rule is that there are not. Two of the routes I take most frequently only have superchargers near the destinations. Completely impractical.

For example there is only ONE supercharger in all of Canada.

Then there is the additional fact that even using a supercharger takes a significant amount of time.

The Tesla is great for commutes, but for road trips forget it.

Comment: Re:SARS comparison (Score 1) 478

This one isn't all that dangerous either. There have been several previous outbreaks that were controlled without causing world wide panic.

The reason this one is causing panic is because it is occurring in place where there are customs like the entire family getting up close and personal with corpses prior to burial, general lack of medical care infrastructure and superstitious populations who like to do things like attack hospitals to release the patients being treated into the general population.

Simple well known diseases like measles killed 122000 people last year in places like this. Far more than Ebola ever did.

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