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Comment: Good Luck With That (Score 3, Interesting) 38

by the eric conspiracy (#47913697) Attached to: Funding Tech For Government, Instead of Tech For Industry

The government-it industrial complex is controlled by the same sort of corrupt relationships that the military-industrial complex. Come in to that situation with new ideas and you will get slapped down by entrenched interests intent on making use of networks of people moving back and forth between government and industry in order to create personal wealth. New ideas and new technologies only rock the boat.

The classic example is the PPACA web site. Hundreds of millions spent on something that would be a 5-10 million dollar project in a sane world.

Comment: Re:Only Apple can't make sapphire work. (Score 1) 197

The problem with sapphire is that it's BRITTLE. Drop it and it will break. It's why steel is better than cast iron.

You aren't likely to drop a checkout scanner. Iphones though are regularly dropped.

The hardness is is great if you are worried ONLY about scratches.

Comment: Re:Atheism offers no values - you have to add them (Score 4, Informative) 855

by the eric conspiracy (#47899069) Attached to: Why Atheists Need Captain Kirk

That's incorrect. Rational philosophies and even evolution provide non-theistic justifications for altruism.

It in fact looks now that altruism is a survival trait that is hard wired in the human brain through natural selection.

Comment: Re:Hm. (Score 1) 789

Yes, and what is the alternative? McCain?


If we had elected McCain/Palin we would be in far worse shape. Just call up the recent statements he's been making.

We would be at war in a dozen countries now had we elected him.

OS/2 must die!