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Comment: We are allowed to listen to our own music! (Score -1, Troll) 549

by the Slashbot (#8993856) Attached to: Turbolinux Licenses Windows Media 9
Yes, we should be allowed to listen to our own music, that we downloaded off Kazaa. How dare anyone try to stop us. It is on our computer now, so therefore it is ours.

And by not paying, I am helping the artists. No I will not explain how that works, it is so obvious you must be a stupid luser for not seeing it.

TurboLinux is about making money, which is not very GNU/Linuxy. As a matter of fact, it is evil and you will burn in hell if you want to sell your software for money. You should make money off support services.

And as for M$, we should boycott any business that uses M$ products, as their soul has been sold to the Dark Lord. Every second you spend in front of a GUI part of your GNU/life force disappears.

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