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Comment Re:people own the *cars*, too, and their pics (Score 2, Informative) 739

Yeah, you're pretty much right on. They can publish their calendar without having to license anything at all or get any permission from Ford, so long as they don't market it with Ford's corporate logo and the Mustang logo. An analogy that occurs to me is third-party iPod or Nintendo (etc.) stuff: they can include pictures of the Wii, or the iPod, on their packaging, and they can say "Compatible with Nintendo Wii" or "Works with the Apple iPod," they just can't use the Apple logo or the Nintendo font and red oval. So long as it's clear that it isn't Ford creating or selling this calendar, the group has very broad rights.

The Best Graphing Calculator on the Market? 724

aaronbeekay asks: "I'm a sophomore in high school taking an honors chem course. I'm being forced to buy something handheld for a calculator (I've been using Qalculate! and GraphMonkey on my Thinkpad until now). I see people all around me with TIs and think 'there could be something so much better'. The low-res, monochrome display just isn't appealing to me for $100-150, and I'd like for it to last through college. Is there something I can use close to the same price range with better screen, more usable, and more powerful? Which high-tech calculators do you guys use?"

Firefox 2.0 Wins Phishfight Against IE7 181

An anonymous reader writes "A new study that pitted the anti-phishing technology in Firefox 2.0 against that of IE7 generated some interesting results. From the story: 'Firefox blocked 243 phishing sites that IE7 overlooked, while IE7 locked 117 sites that Firefox did not.' Microsoft responded by pointing to its own supposed comparison study that put it in front of Mozilla and others in phish fighting, but the story notes: '3Sharp, the company that authored the Microsoft study, clearly state on their site that their goal in creating 3Sharp was "to use the robustness, flexibility, and sheer native capabilities of the Microsoft communication and collaboration technologies to enhance the business of our customers."'"

Journal Journal: Yay!

I have Excellent karma now for the first time ever, in 112 comments and maybe a dozen or two times I've moderated. Funny enough that was my only shortcoming in that nerdly shortcomings poll...

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