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Comment Re:rpm/yum deb/apt ? (Score 1) 78

Pardon me. Yum and apt applications, not files.

How do you get anything on to an airgapped network? You don't have many options which makes this easy. Write once optical media (e.g. CDR, DVDR, BDR), provides the most security, as it prevents one avenue for data to escape the airgapped network (presumably the reason for the airgap in the first place).

Which is what the story poster was asking. There was no need for yum or apt.

Comment Re:rpm/yum deb/apt ? (Score 1) 78

And look at the subject.

It's implicit that GP is not talking about .rpms and .debs, but rather the yum and apt files. And yes, you can run an airgapped intranet (I've done it myself for classified data), but it pushes back the question one level.

How do you get said updates onto the airgapped network?

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