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Comment Re:Tell me where to put the waste (Score 1) 140

China is far from communist today. If anything, it could be considered an odd (but highly efficient) form of an imperialist despotism with a dash of state controlled capitalism (as odd as this alone sounds). The result is something that solves the two problems offered easily. First, without any concern for human life and nobody able and allowed to protest it, you can easily build any kind of power plant anywhere you want, and dump the waste anywhere you may want, likewise. There is no NIMBY movements in China. "We put the waste there and you will take it" is met with a nod of the head ... or an off of the head.

That certainly facilitates building such plants. It's still not something I'd consider something I'd want in MY backyard...

Comment Re:Can't Carbon be nuclear? (Score 1) 140

Details matter. You are looking to build a fusion reactor, and this reaction is far more difficult than the DT reaction that the fusion community is focusing on.

They're also working on the substantially harder p-B reaction (which only has a trace of neutron output due to impurities/side reactions). That's substantially harder (and worth it!) but still not in the ballpark.

Comment Tell me where to put the waste (Score 3, Insightful) 140

And who should pay for its safe depositing.

Nuclear energy is cheap and clean. As long as those reactors are running. I just doubt that the companies that reap the fruits of cheap energy are also willing to deal with the costly time after when there is zero revenue and horrible costs. I.e. what is now being brushed off to the government.

It's the usual "privatize revenue, socialize cost" spiel. Sorry, but no game. Here's the offer: You have to show that you know where to put the waste and you have to lock down enough money to take care of it for at least a century, then you can build that reactor.


Comment Re:the higher level point (Score 2) 43

Soon people will have to break the laws to own what they buy.

For everyone who has ever wondered just why the decks in cyberpunk stories and games are so horribly expensive when technology is so pervasive (and hence should be cheap): They're devices that the owners own. Which is probably by the time these stories play already a grey area by itself, and certainly these things are not mainstream.

Comment Re:This is how it begins (Score 1) 179

That has worked in the 80s in Europe. But that ship has sailed. Today politics is not about "what I can do right and that's why you should vote for me". It's "what horrible things the other party will do so you better vote for me instead".

That needs not content, no promises and most of all it makes absolutely certain that no third party can rise.

Comment Re:This is how it begins (Score 1) 179

Sadly people in Europe have seen it more than once that a "good" government imposed laws during times of crisis that allowed shortcuts past a limitation of power so they could act in a time of crisis, only to see a dictator elected soon after that abused those shortcuts to eliminate the separation of powers.

I don't want to say that our current governments are "evil". I just say it's dangerous to implement tools that allow for the elimination of oversight because you can't be certain that their spirit will be honored by the next government.

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