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Comment: Hmmm (Score 1) 158

by thatskinnyguy (#42731691) Attached to: Facebook To App Developers: Good Idea, Now Stop Using Our API
It's really handy for a social network to have an API for login purposes alone. I have a site that sees quite a bit of traffic and the "Log in with [Social Network]" feature is useful for casual users. Facebook has always been a pain in the ass with their API. They make unannounced changes every so often that break login functionality. Twitter's API on the other hand, has always worked just fine.

Comment: Re:Or else?? (Score 2) 343

by thatskinnyguy (#41535177) Attached to: Microsoft Co-founder Dings Windows 8 As 'Puzzling, Confusing'

If I were allowed to grant you 6 mod points, I would sir. It's not about the platfrom per-se. It's about how it's being used. Windows 8 and Ubuntu have followed the same track as to catering to those that would rather dick around and not produce anything. To people like me, that produces things, this is a drawback.

It's ok that they go on this track for consumers of things; but for god sake, make something for the rest of us that are producers of things.

Comment: Safety (Score 1) 92

by thatskinnyguy (#41485233) Attached to: US Department of Homeland Security Looking For a Few Good Drones

Really? Safety? That's the angle they're working?

If there's anything I've learned in life with the many jobs I've had and the situations I've been in, safety is a secondary concern of Americans. When the DHS requests something like this, it should raise some eyebrows. After all, they groped my junk at the airport last I was there. Privacy is of no consequence to them... in the name of "safety".

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