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by thatshortkid (#38130586) Attached to: DNA Test To Determine Kids' Sports Futures
long-form and short-form strategy, hand-eye coordination, working with other towards a common goal, thinking (quite literally) on your feet. nope, can't think of a skill a kid could be LEARNING doing team sports. also, accountability. can't be an anonymous coward with your name plastered on your back.

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by thatshortkid (#27237367) Attached to: Cities View Red Light Cameras As Profit Centers

(b) record the license plate tag, location, and time of motor vehicle operation, and (c) cross reference the license plate tag information with a comprehensive insurance coverage database in in order to (d) send out $500 citations via mail to potential offenders.

While it may be feasible to create the network of cameras described in (a), it is substantially difficult with current technology to implement the optical character recognition required to implement part (b).

bullshit. i have a fastrak transponder here in california for going through tolls. i ride a motorcycle, so i have to keep the transponder on my person instead of a dashboard. if the transponder fails to be detected for a toll, my plates are OCRd and matched against what's registered in my account. recently, i got vanity plates for my bike and forgot to update my fastrak account with the new details. without fail, i received a bill from the state assuming i was a scofflaw. if the OCR can pick up tiny ass motorcycle plates going 80 (sometimes at night), they can pick up car plates going 30 in the daytime.


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An anonymous reader writes "An MIT student was arrested today at Logan Airport because she "had a computer circuit board and wiring in plain view over a black hooded sweat shirt she was wearing" when talking to a staffer at an information booth. She was visiting the airport to greet an arriving friend. She was wearing the shirt at a Career Fair earlier to stand out, and apparently didn't change before entering the airport. The police believed the object was a bomb and she was surrounded by a group of officers with submachine guns. Didn't the city learn its lesson from the Aqua Teen Hunger Scare?"
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