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Comment: A short list (Score 1) 1880

by thatotherguy007 (#38039080) Attached to: What's Keeping You On Windows?

Things I have done on Windows in the last two years (excluding things that I did just because of my proximity to a Windows box, i.e. things I normally do on Linux) are as follows:
Broken parts of Windows by doing something that shouldn't break Windows.
Fixed Windows.
Printed. (too cheap to buy another $30 printer that likes Linux more than mine does)
Synced iPhone with my music library. (don't judge; I'm a sucker for screen resolution)
Broken it again -- nope that was a feature.
Updated and rejailbroken iPhone. (too lazy to make redsn0w work on linux)
Used a handful of opensource programs that weren't in the Gentoo tree once or twice. (again laziness)

In short iTunes, printing on an old printer, and keeping my main OS clean are the only reasons I use it. It's funny that an Apple product is the last thing keeping me from not using Windows altogether.

Comment: Re:Not a troll but.... (Score 1) 708

by thatotherguy007 (#37828066) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: GNU/Linux Laptops?
Right now I'm typing on a refurbished Lenovo T61p. It is practically the only laptop available with 1920x1200. It's sad they don't make that resolution anymore. I hate to admit my brother was right about Thinkpads being the best available (unless you have loads of cash). I agree wholeheartedly now. Even Gentoo Linux was relatively easy to set up on it. Usually there are one or two major kinks to deal with.

Comment: Re:The Doomsday Scenario (Score 1) 244

by thatotherguy007 (#36758890) Attached to: New Scottish Wave Energy Generator Unveiled
Furthermore, I must add that any energy obtained from tidal activity would take energy from the Earth-moon system. Hence it would in fact *slow* the Earth in relationship to the moon and thus reign in the moon. The effect in the end would be that the moon moves away from the Earth more slowly. Eventually this would cause the moon to come toward the Earth.

Comment: Re:Looks like it took 4 years to start a company.. (Score 1) 30

by thatotherguy007 (#35899340) Attached to: Physical Rehab Device Built From Wii Balance Boards
Here I was thinking that the wii balance board was designed as a souped-up version of a physical therapy device. Physical therapists have used simple balance boards for decades. It shouldn't take four years, people. Props to the Shriners for getting stuff done.

Comment: Re:Should have read... (Score 1) 68

by thatotherguy007 (#23704607) Attached to: Linux Cluster Supercomputer Performs Surgery on Dog
Ah yes, blame the fact that they ran a program on an open source operating system. It looks to me like the software that ran the surgical operation wasn't open source at all. It seems it was all closed source software that was doing anything except running the computers. Although I am a bit lost; I don't seem to remember when Microsoft went into the medical field.

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