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Submission + - Bill Gates and Toshiba Develop Nuclear Reactor->

thatkid_2002 writes: Bill Gates and Toshiba in conjunction with TerraPower's Tunneling Wave Reactor design are aiming to design a reactor which will consume depleted uranium and theoretically operate for 100 years without refueling. The question is however; does it run Windows?
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Submission + - XO-3 $75 Madness->

thatkid_2002 writes: Engadget has a story Here about a new concept design for the OLPC. It is an insanely thin, powerful (800Mhz ARM) 8.5 x 11 tablet aiming for release in 2012. Considering touch screen phones are coming down in price is it so difficult to believe that a mass produced BeagleBoard design paired with multi-touch screen and battery could be a mere $100 (AUD or USD, take a pick) in two years time?
And yes, it will run Linux — with Multi-touch.
What is Slashdot's projections on OLPC and the price of hardware in the future?

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Submission + - XKCD commemorates Yahoo Geocities->

thatkid_2002 writes: If you look at XKCD today it will appear as though it has either been defaced or designed by a time traveler from the 90's... or both. However this is only a temporary shrine to the terror that was Yahoo Geocities.
Take a look today because unlike Halley's Comet this is not going to come back in 75 years. Mankind is evolving.

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The Internet

Submission + - YaCy - Distributed (P2P) web search engine 1 1

thatkid_2002 writes: "Heard of YaCy? Neither had I until yesterday.

This is the perfect alternative for anybody who is wanting to escape Google's growing monopoly without moving to yet another company's service that does not really have any advantages over the last. This Open Source project first appeared in 2004 and still has an Alpha status on YaCy's SourceForge page — but don't let this fool you. YaCy runs on every (almost) every platform and features a built in web server which provides an excellent web based interface for both interactive searches and administration of your node (crawler).

Start the web indexer (you can restrict the indexing to your intranet too) to start at your blog, and away it goes indexing locally everything related to you. Searches which pull results from your local index perform at Google-esque speeds, although you might have to wait a few seconds for searches from distributed sources.

I have not brushed over even half the features and installation takes just a few seconds so trying it out for yourself is the best way to experience it!"

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