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Comment Choose SLA or FDM first (Score 1) 1

FDM (Fused Deposition Modelling - squirting out hot plastic) that the majority of traditional 3D printers use is not what you want because although they offer large build areas their resolution is not so great and the materials for extrusion suffer from a lot of shrinkage and warping.
SLA (Stereolithography) printing on the budget end of the market offers around 10cm x 10cm build area - which is fine for your use and very high resolution. The cured resin does not shrink and warp like the thermoplastics do so it is a lot easier to replicate and interface with those tight LEGO tolerances. Further more I think the resin cures into an extremely tough, and rigid plastic with just a little flex which is reminiscent of official lego.

I don't pretend to be an expert by any means... But I'm fairly sure what you're looking for starts at about $1200 USD for a Form1 clone or a $1500 for a XYZ Printing Nobel. If you happen to have a DLP projector laying around then you're in luck because there are sub-$1000 kits to turn it into a SLA printer.

Comment Static website frameworks - the sweetspot! (Score 2) 302

Use something like Nikola or Pelican with [favourite python template system here] to hit the sweet spot between hand-coding/frameworking and CMS. You can adjust any part of the look, feel and templating easily and you can enable customers to have a very easy/cheap way to get the site up, running and maintainable.

Because it is a static website there is no security maintenance needed. You don't have to be a programmer to work with a lot of these static site generators and the time investment to learn them is quite low in my experience.

Also, you can always just drop a PHP script (or embed snippets that are compiled in) with the static site to do any dynamic stuff you may need.

Comment Put away your pitch forks (Score 3, Informative) 553

SystemD is not replacing iptables, all they have done is integrate with iptables. Systemd's approach to configuring init "scripts" is superior (no really, it is) but it means that you can't just issue a straight "iptables -t nat..." command and instead have to call it via IPForwarding=yes and IPMasquerade=yes - unless of course you want to start a script with a unit file but then are you sure that iptables is up? Is the filesystem for the script up?

I don't know why I even bother reading the Slashdot comments about SystemD as they always lack critical thinking and instead prefer to cite hyperbole and FUD.

Comment Expect a Neck-beard at the age of 13 (Score 1) 121

The good news is that there's an actual university degree for his interest - greating games and game mechanics, as opposed to just playing them. Games design deals with creating game mechanics (among other things, probably of some interest to him). I used to live with some game designers and both have been employed for the last 5 year so I guess they've had success with the career so far.

Is there possibly any open course-ware for Games Design floating around?

Comment Cartesian? Na mate, not reliable. (Score 2) 55

A cartesian (like RepRap Mendel or this HYREL) based design always rattles itself apart and has very high stress on parts which increases as print speed increases. A SCARA (RepRap Morgan) or Delta (RepRap Rostock) have far lower stresses involved and shock from head movement is shared among multiple axis which decreases resistance/absorption problems and allows for higher print speeds.

They go on about design, and yet they failed to analyze what was the root cause of the faiures and opted to apply bandaids instead.

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